The Do’s and Don’ts of Garage Door Replacement

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Do you need a new garage door? According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the average garage door has a 20- to 25-year lifespan. If your door is nearing this mark, take a look at the do’s and don’ts of replacement.

Do Explore Your Options First

Are you tempted to pick the first door you see? While it’s possible the first door you explore is the perfect pick for your home and your family’s needs, you may also need to see more options. The advantages of a full door search before you buy include:

  • New ideas. If you aren’t already aware of what’s available, a door search may give you new style or material ideas. 
  • Décor options. A garage door doesn’t only serve a functional purpose. It also complements your home’s exterior. Before you settle on a door that looks so-so with your home’s style, explore the aesthetic alternatives. 
  • Price comparison. Garage doors are available in a variety of price points to fit almost every home improvement budget. If your first choice seems too expensive, keep shopping until you find one in a reasonable price range. 

Even though you should explore your door options before you make a decision, you need to shop within reason. This may mean a scaled down search, time restraints (a deadline for door buying), or limits on where you’ll shop for doors. 

Don’t Shop Online Only 

While a few views of online options can give you ideas, you need a professional garage door contractor to help you with the purchase process. If you only shop doors online, you may not: 

  • See the full door. Are the photos of the door from the front only? A limited view of the door may result in a purchase that doesn’t meet your needs in real life. 
  • Understand the material makeup. What does the technical jargon listed under the door description mean? A self-guided shopping experience may leave you without the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. 
  • Get the features you want. Does the door featured online look like it has double-pane glass windows and high-quality hardware? Even though it may look like it has the features you want, the real world version may not have everything you need. 

Along with these issues, an online purchase won’t necessarily come with a professional-level installation. Garage door replacement is not a do-it-yourself job. A qualified contractor has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to install a new door safely and correctly. 

Do Hire a Garage Door Professional 

Garage door installation requires a professional level of knowledge and experience. If you don’t have this skill set, skip the DIY job. Even though it may seem like this approach can save you money, a contractor can: 

  • Help you to choose the right door. A qualified contractor can review your options and help you select a door that meets your home’s needs. 
  • Install the door. The contractor will provide the professional installation a garage door requires. This reduces safety risks to you and your family. An expert installation also saves you time. 
  • Offer a warranty. The manufacturer may require professional installation to validate the warranty. Along with the manufacturer’s parts warranty, some garage door contractors also offer a labor guarantee. 

All garage door contractors are not equal. Even though it’s preferable to hire a professional, you need to make sure they’re a legitimate expert. Ask for references or talk to friends and relatives who’ve used the contractor’s services. 

Don’t Wait to Replace the Door 

Is your door nearing the end of its lifespan? If you’re not sure whether the door’s age alone is an issue or if other factors are more important, weigh the options. Replace your garage door soon, rather than later, if: 

  • You constantly call the contractor. Is your garage door technician at the top of your contacts list? While some garage doors do require repairs, constant issues may mean a replacement is a better option. 
  • The contractor recommends it. Did the contractor suggest a replacement? If the professional feels your door is beyond repair, invest in a new one. 
  • The door doesn’twork properly. A failing garage door is a serious safety hazard. Whether the reversing mechanism no longer works, the door makes odd noises often, or there’s another issue, you may need a replacement. 
  • The door has visible damage. A replacement door can increase your home’s curb appeal. But an old, damaged door can do the opposite. If your door is dented, scratched, has peeling paint, or is damaged in another way, consider a replacement. 

Even though most garage doors have a 20-plus year lifespan, some may not last that long, especially ones made from low-quality products. It’s possible your younger door may also require a replacement right now. The contractor can inspect the door, discuss your home exterior needs, and help you to make the right decision for your home. 

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