1 Big Garage Door or 2 Smaller Doors?


The economy is booming and new-construction homes are becoming commonplace. Homeowners who build their own homes have many choices to make. One of these decisions includes: Should the garage have two single-size garage doors or one two-car door?

While this may sound like a simple question, the answer can be complicated. If you’re building a new construction home and trying to decide whether or to build a garage with one big door or two smaller doors, here’s what you need to think about.


Having one large entryway into your garage rather than two smaller entryways makes parking in the garage easier. This is especially true if you own an extra-large vehicle, like a big truck. Big vehicles can be a tight squeeze through small doorways. One large entryway is also more convenient if you own three very small cars that you hope to fit inside the garage side by side.

However, there is one way in which accessibility is improved by installing two small garage doors over one big garage door. When a two-car garage door breaks down, you may not be able to get any cars into or out of the garage. In a garage with two single doors, both doors operate on different systems. One door will remain operational even if the other door is broken.


Double the doors can mean double the maintenance. Each door must be tuned up separately, which can mean two tune-up charges every year.

However, even if a two-car door requires less maintenance than two single-size doors, two-car garage doors are much heavier. The wear and tear on a system for a two-car garage door can be extensive, which may lead to greater repair costs.

In addition, if the garage door is damaged by impact from a car or another moving vehicle, a two-car garage door may be more costly to repair or replace than a small garage door.

Installation Costs

Installation costs vary from one garage door to the next, depending on factors such as the size, insulation level, and materials used. Homeowners who want to save as much money as possible on their garage door installation should be aware of two important differences between the purchase of one two-car versus two single-size doors:

  • The cost of a two-car door may not be double the cost of a single-size door.
  • Two single doors will require two garage door openers, which represents a significant cost.
  • Installing two single doors may take longer (and thus cost more) than the installation of one two-car door.

In other words, installing two doors can be more costly than installing one door. If you’re a homeowner on a budget and yet you believe that two single doors is a better option for you than one two-car door, you may need to shop around to find something that fits in your budget.

Temperature Control and Insulation

Temperature control and efficiency are very important for many modern homeowners. More often than not, modern homeowners insulate their garage to help control the temperature inside their house. As soon as a two-car door opens, the inside of the garage is filled with air from the outside. If the temperature outside is cold, the inside of the garage becomes cold.

The best way to control the temperature inside the garage is to install two single-size doors and open them separately as needed. Although air from the outside will make its way into the garage with only one single-size door open, the limited exposure between the inside and outside will help control the temperature in the garage slightly more effectively than a two-car.


If you’re a homeowner who wants to load your garage with boxes and personal belongings, a single-size garage door will limit the visibility into your garage from the street. You’ll be able to hide anything valuable or unattractive that you want to keep out of the view of your neighbors and any strangers passing by. A two-car door opens up your entire garage to the street every time you open the door, even if you only use one side of the garage for a car.

Now that you have more information about single-size versus two-car garage doors, putting all of this information together can be a challenge. If you’re trying to decide which size and type of door is right for you, contact a garage door installation expert in your area. Get some quotes to see what will fit in your budget. Your door installation company can help you pick the right door or set of doors based on your budget, lifestyle, habits, and other preferences.

If you have more questions about new garage doors in the Dallas, Texas area, contact Plano Overhead Garage Door. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you information that can help.

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