4 Features You Should Look for in a Garage Door Opener

Advances in technology have improved almost every aspect of modern life, and garage door openers are no different. While older versions tended to be bulky, complicated, and noisy, modern iterations are sleek, simple, and created to tackle a long list of user complaints. Here are four modern garage door opener features you should look for and why you won’t regret upgrading your system.

1. Silent System Operation

Noisy garage doors might not seem like a big problem, but if you have small children, jittery pets, or people in your household who work odd hours, a little extra noise can become a big problem.

Many older garage door openers used chain drives or long, threaded screw-cut pipes to raise and lower garage doors. As these metal elements ran through the system, they created clanking noises that could be heard throughout the house, especially in rooms adjacent to garage areas.

Fortunately, many modern garage door opener brands have implemented the use of quieter rubber belts to raise and lower doors.

Reinforced to handle friction easily, rubber drive belts have a rack and pinion assembly that allows the garage door opener to run the belt through quietly to open and close the door. Because the belt is flexible, less jumping occurs, which keeps the garage door still as it smoothly transitions into place.

To make garage door openers even quieter, some manufacturers use insulating products on the outer shell of the opener, preventing sound waves from traveling into your home.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity

You never know when you will need to let a visitor into your home or when those existing garage door remotes will run out of batteries, which is why many garage doors today are Wi-Fi compatible. Because some systems are designed to connect seamlessly to the Internet, users have the option of using an installed smartphone app to open, close, or check on their garage door.

If you are worried about running an Ethernet cable to your garage door opener, you shouldn’t be. Many new garage door openers have built-in wireless cards, allowing you to tie in with your existing wireless signal. If you lose your garage door opener or you need to open your garage when you are out and about, you can quickly access the application, trigger the opening or closing mechanism, and go about your day.

Wireless connectivity also gives users the opportunity to troubleshoot their systems without as much legwork. Since garage door opener programs typically contain user setting options and sections for diagnostic controls, you can see where your garage door opener is having problems and access the customer support number easily.

3. Add-On Modules

If you thought being able to open your door remotely and diagnose your entire system easily was convenient, just imagine being able to harness the power of your garage door to fuel other helpful devices. Some modern garage door openers have add-on modules that can be connected to the body of the opener, making it easy to do everything from listening to music to powering a new saw.

Bluetooth speaker modules added to garage door openers give you the chance to listen to music while you work on your car or do a little woodworking, while the addition of charging stations and retractable cords make your garage easier to store and power gadgets. Some garage door opener modules are designed to do things like detect carbon monoxide and light the floor to make parking easier.

Because needs are always changing, look for a garage door opener that allows you to add onto the system later. After all, you never know when you will need an extra power outlet or a way to park a new car without dangling a tennis ball from the ceiling.

4. Auto-Closer

How many times have you driven away from your home wondering if you remembered to close the garage door? Open garage doors pave the way for problems like pest infestations and burglaries, putting your home at risk. Fortunately, some garage doors contain built-in timers that trigger the garage closing sequence after a certain amount of time.

Using the on-board timer and motion detector, these garage doors can tell if the door has been open for longer than the set amount of time, and they close accordingly to keep your home safe. For instance, if you set your garage door opener to close after 10 minutes of being open, your door will automatically shut after this time has elapsed.

If cars, people, or other pieces of property are in place that could prevent the door from shutting safely, the door can even trigger an alarm to notify you.

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