Garage Band? 5 Tips to Soundproof Your Garage Door

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Garage bands are fun, but they can be disruptive if you live close to your neighbors. If you want to play loud instruments in your garage without bothering the neighbors, soundproofing your garage door can help.

Many garage doors are hollow, and sound travels through them easily. In addition, garage doors have a natural gap between the door and the frame. This gap enables the garage door to open and close with ease. Unfortunately, this gap, however small, can also allow sound to leak out of your garage and into the world around your home.

If you want to hold band rehearsals and don’t want to spend time managing noise complaints, these tips can help you soundproof your garage door. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Insulate the Door

Insulation can dampen sound. There are many things you can do to insulate your garage door.

Buy an Insulation Kit

Insulation kits are sold in home improvement centers, in hardware stores, and by some garage door companies. These kits are designed to be installed by homeowners. They come with instructions that make installation easy. If you don’t feel comfortable installing your own garage door insulation, your garage door company may be able to help. Be advised that any weight added to the door may require adjustments to the springs that operate the door.

 Before making the appointment, find out from your garage door company if they prefer to install a pre-purchased insulation kit or if they will install their own. 

Replace the Door

If you were already thinking about buying a new garage door, then this is a good time to purchase a garage door with an insulated core. There are many types of doors that come with insulation. Tell your garage door garage door company that you would like to make your door as soundproof as possible. Your garage door company can recommend a product that will be good for dampening loud music.

If the door you’re thinking about purchasing also has windows, check the specs to ensure that the windows are insulated as well. Double pane windows can help block sound, or your garage door company may recommend windows with extra thick glass.

2. Weatherproof the gaps of the Door

Replace the Bottom Seal

Garage doors have a rubber strip that is attached to the bottom of the garage door. This strip of rubber closes the gap between the garage door and the floor. There are many different types of bottom weatherseal (also known as astragal or bottom seal). Contact your local garage door company if you are unable to find the style that is compatible with your garage door at a local home improvement store or online. Most garage door companies can convert your existing style to a universal style that isn’t available online or in stores because it comes in 16’ or 18’ solid lengths to provide the best fit, the best overall seal, and the longest lasting option for your garage door.

Replace the Exterior Perimeter Seal

Another weatherproofing method is to add perimeter seal around the top and sides of the garage door. Perimeter seal is a trim piece made of vinyl or plastic that has a flexible flap that conforms to the different gap sizes on the sides and top of your garage door.  Perimeter seal (also known as jamb-up seal) can be easily nailed to the door frame, so you can usually perform the installation yourself without help from a garage door company. If you’re not comfortable performing installation, talk to your garage door company.

3. Hang Blankets

Blankets also dampen sound, especially thick, heavy-duty blankets. Moving blankets tend to be effective for blocking some sounds. Hang moving blankets behind your garage door. Like weather stripping, blankets can close some of the gap between the garage door and the door frame.

Blankets are not a stand-in for weather stripping, so if your garage door does not have weather stripping installed, install the weather stripping in addition to hanging blankets around the door. Be careful when hanging the blankets as to not block any of the moving parts.

4. Get a Garage Door Adjustment

A crooked or poorly fitting door may need an adjustment to close the gap between the door and the frame. If your garage door hasn’t been given a tune-up in a while, contact your local garage door company.

5. Focus on More Than the Door

Your entire garage, not just the door, may need soundproofing. If you haven’t already taken steps to soundproof the rest of your garage, now is the time. Hanging moving blankets on metal cabinets can prevent ringing noises, while attaching acoustic panels to the walls can also dampen noise. Weather-stripping the pedestrian doors can help, as can insulating the interior of the walls of the garage as well as the ceiling.

Assume that your neighbors will be able to hear your garage band, even if you’ve taken steps to soundproof the walls and doors of your garage. To avoid disputes, alert your neighbors to your hobby and find out what times of day would be least disruptive to their schedules.

By working with your neighbors, and by giving them a say in when rehearsals take place, you may able to avoid confrontations and uncomfortable situations.

Contact Your Garage Door Garage Door Company

It’s best to work with the experts when you’re trying to soundproof your garage. Your garage door company can give you advice about how this can be done properly to avoid damage and headaches.

At Plano Overhead Garage Door, we’re happy to give you information about the best ways to insulate and soundproof your door, and we can also help you decide which insulated door is best for your home. To make an appointment for a free in-home written estimate in the Dallas area, contact us today.

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