What You Need to Know About Insulating Your Garage Door

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An uninsulated garage door can be a problem for homeowners trying to control the temperature in their garage. Fortunately, you can add insulation after the garage door is installed if you are able to work with a garage door professional to install it. Here’s what you need to know about garage door insulation.

Is Garage Door Insulation Necessary?

Garage door insulation is not necessary, but it is helpful. Without proper insulation, garages can become very warm and uncomfortable in summer, as well as cold in winter. Studies have shown that garage door insulation can keep your garage 20 to 25 degrees cooler in summer and 8 to 12 degrees warmer in winter.

You can benefit most from garage door insulation if your garage:

  • Is attached to your house. Insulating a garage that is attached to the house can help control the temperature in your house, which can reduce your energy bills.
  • Doubles as a work space. If your garage doubles as a work space, insulation can make your work space a more comfortable place to spend time.
  • Is equipped with plumbing. Finally, if your garage has plumbing, the pipes may be more likely to freeze in winter if the garage is not insulated. 

Even if none of the above list applies to you, you may still want to insulate your garage door if your possessions have been damaged by extreme heat or extreme cold. Paint and some other chemicals are sensitive to temperature, so if you store these products in your garage, insulation can prevent problems. 

If noise is an issue on your street, garage door insulation can keep out sounds and create a peaceful environment inside your garage. The reverse is also true: if you engage in noisy activity in your garage, garage door insulation can prevent the noise from bothering your neighbors. You can decide whether insulation is helpful to you. 

How Can You Install Garage Door Insulation?

Your garage door contractor will be able to install insulation expertly so that it stays on and looks right. Assuming that your garage door contractor comes out once annually to give your garage door opener a tune-up, this would be the perfect time to install insulation as well.

Contact your garage door contractor to make an appointment. Mention that you’d like the door to be insulated during your normal tune-up so your garage door repair person can bring out the right kind of insulation for your needs. 

Why Use a Garage Door Repair Person to Install Insulation?

Installing the wrong insulation on your door could result in problems. Some types of insulation are highly flammable and release a toxic gas when burned. If insulation is incorrectly installed, mold or condensation could develop on insulation or on the door itself, which could lead to property damage. 

Working with a garage door contractor helps ensure that the insulation will be properly installed. This helps protect your garage door as well as the garage itself. 

Which Type of Insulation Is Best?

The type of insulation you choose for your door will depend on your budget, the way your door is built, and what your garage door contractor recommends. Many garage doors are insulated with one of two types: expanded polystyrene foam or fiberglass batts.

Expanded polystyrene is a stiff foam board that’s easy to cut down or break into pieces. Fiberglass batting is flimsy and more like a blanket, and it resembles the kind of insulation you see in attics.

Insulation should not need to be replaced annually, although it may deteriorate if the garage regularly sustains damage from bicycles, tricycles, and other pieces of sporting equipment. If the insulation begins to deteriorate, have a professional replace it.

Can You Buy a Pre-Insulated Garage Door?

Yes, garage doors with an insulated foam core are available for sale from garage door contractors. These garage doors have good ROI because their insulation is effective and hidden from view. Insulated garage doors look great on both sides.

If you’re thinking about replacing your garage door and you’re concerned about your home’s resale value, talk to your garage door contractor about insulated models. Your garage door contractor can help you choose a model that will meet your garage insulation goals while also matching the style and appearance of your home.  

Are There Other Ways to Keep Your Garage Comfortable?

Weatherstripping your garage and installing your garage door properly so that there are gaps between the door and the frame can help ensure that your garage will be comfortable. Your garage door contractor can help you with the insulation and may also install some weather stripping for you.

For more information about how you can have a comfortable garage, contact Plano Overhead Garage Door today. We can install garage insulation and provide pre-insulated garage doors. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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