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6 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Non-Automatic Garage Door

An older garage door can make big problems for homeowners, especially if the door does not connect to an automatic opener. Older garage doors can be difficult to use, unsafe for little ones, and old-fashioned in appearance.

If your home has an older, non-automatic garage door, this summer is a good time to upgrade to a modern, automatic garage door and opener. If you are thinking about the possibility but need some convincing, consider the following reasons to upgrade.

1. Convenience

Automatic garage doors are convenient in ways that people without them may not realize. For example, backup batteries can operate automatic garage doors even when the power goes out so the car is never trapped in the garage.

You can control many modern garage doors by cell phone, and modern garage doors do not require a radio signal from an opener to begin the opening sequence. If you want, you can open your garage from blocks or even miles away.

In addition, many automatic garage door openers come with motion-activated lighting so you will never again find yourself wandering around your garage in the murky dark. 

Also, many garage door companies have also discovered ways to make their products quiet. At one time, garage doors were relatively loud so that people all over the home could tell when the garage door opened or closed. Modern doors have special insulation and strategic construction to ensure opening the door is as quiet as possible.

2. Safety

Garage doors typically weigh hundreds of pounds, and when the door closes on a person, it can do fatal damage. In the 10-year span between 1982 and 1992, 54 children died when they became trapped under their garage door. As of January 1991, all automatic garage door openers must have specific safety features that prevent the garage door from closing on a person or object.

Some of these safety features rely on sensors to tell the garage door when an object is laying in the doorway (such as a sleeping cat or a person laying on their back repairing a car). Garage door sensors also monitor movement in the path of the garage door. If something enters the space of the closing door, it will reverse course.

In some cases, mounted garage door openers also need to have a constant contact requirement, meaning that a finger must push the button to close the garage door. If the button is released before the garage door has finished closing, the door will reverse course and open again.

Needless to say, non-automatic garage doors typically do not have these safety features. If your garage door is not an automatic one, this could be dangerous for your family and people in your household. To find out more about modern garage door safety features, talk to your garage door installation professional.

3. Security

Old, non-automatic garage doors are not usually very secure. In fact, most people who walk by could potentially open and close these garage doors. Modern automatic garage door openers prevent this from happening. Unless the garage door is disengaged from the automatic system, only the person who has the opener button can open it.

This makes it easier for homeowners to keep their garage, and all of its contents, safe and secure. If you live in a location where thefts and burglaries are common, an automatic garage door opener could prevent a break-in.

4. Appearances

Garage door styles have changed over the years, and many people find that installing a new door can make their home appear more modern and even more attractive. Whether you want an all-glass door for your ultra-modern home or a more traditional carriage-style door, you can find a model to suit your tastes.

5. ROI

ROI, or return on investment, is important to many homeowners. New garage doors can have an ROI of as much as 97%. For homeowners who would like to sell their property sometime in the next five years, installation of a new garage door with an automatic opener could boost their home’s value considerably.

6. Comfort

New garage doors tend to be well-insulated to conform to modern energy-efficiency expectations. If your garage is also a workshop or if you use your garage for storing heat-sensitive items, a new door could help make your garage a more comfortable temperature year-round. Talk to your garage door contractor before choosing a model that is right for you. 

Your garage door contractor can help you decide which type of door will meet your specific needs. For more information about how you can benefit from installation of an automatic garage door and opener, contact Plano Overhead Garage Door. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you information about modern automatic door openers and garage doors. Get in touch with us today.


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