Situations Where Carriage-Style Garage Doors Make Sense

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Carriage-style garage doors are highly attractive and offer architectural assistance with the following garage-related scenarios.

You Use the Garage as Living Space

Maximize space in an unused garage by turning the storage area into a finished or partially finished living area. Finished garages make excellent places for active kids, teens, in-laws, and extended family to have rooms of their own.

With attractive and functional carriage-style doors, you won’t need to add a new wall to beautifully enclose your new living space. Order insulated wood carriage-style garage doors with your choice of stain colors, window styles, and decor features to match the updated garage living space. The finely grained doors add class to the inside and outside of your space.

Painted aluminum, steel, or wood carriage-style garage doors can be finished to match your choice of room colors and designs. For example, the interior of the carriage doors can be stark white, while the exterior of the doors is blue or burgundy.

Likewise, the exterior of your carriage doors can be sedate gray or white, while the interior of the carriage doors can be decorated with kids’ favorite cartoon characters or covered with a scenic decal of a favorite city or beach. If you don’t want the decor-ruining clutter of a ceiling-mounted garage door opener, have a low-profile opener installed above the garage door opening instead.

On fair days, the swing-out carriage doors provide easy access to outdoor cookouts and sunshine. For really hot or cold days, ask your garage door supplier about ways to insulate and seal the garage door area with gaskets and other methods of shutting out exterior temperatures and precipitation.

You Want to Upgrade Your Home Exterior

Garage doors are so integral to the character of architecture that the National Park Service advises restorers of old buildings to retain as much of the original garage door designs as possible.

On projects including restoration of Maryland’s Burgess Carriage House, Utah’s Mountain View Motel, and New Mexico’s Monte Vista Fire Station, the original carriage-style garage doors were incorporated into the building renovations.

Without their vintage carriage doors, older structures lose their charm and timelessness. Take a cue from the power of the garage door, and transform your home from ordinary to amazing with carriage-style garage doors of your own. If your home seems ordinary and plain, a new set of carriage-style doors is one of the easiest ways to give your home some personality and warmth.

Choose regally appointed and stained carriage-style garage doors that open majestically outward when you return to your home. Or go for cottage-type garage doors in the carriage style to give your boring, cold home exterior a bright lift.

Carriage-style garage doors come in so many styles and options that you’ll have a hard time picking your favorites. No matter which style or type of carriage-style garage doors you choose, your home is refreshed and updated without fuss or fanfare.

Order your new carriage-style garage doors for your home in Plano, Texas, or the surrounding region by contacting Plano Overhead Garage Door today. We offer all types of faux and real carriage-style garage doors to give your home a fast upgrade with our safe, reliable garage door products and installation.

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