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If you want a garage door to continue to run as smoothly and quietly as possible, it is very important to perform adequate maintenance. A garage door should be lubricated at the least once a year. With all the dust, wind and water exposure that it has to with stand; it is easy understand why. But what type of lubrication should be used?

WD40 Door Lube

Plano Overhead Garage Door offers two types of lubrication in its showroom. The 3-in-1 garage door lube is a high performance lubrication with a quick dry no mess formula that prevents rusting.  Our technicians use this lubricant on hinges, springs, and any moving part that doesnt have steel ball-bearings such as bearing plates and the inside of the rollers.


Lubriplate is a multi-purpose lithium grease with a thicker viscosity that prevents wear and corrosion. Either lubricant comes highly recommended and both have been used by our technicians for many years.  Lubriplate is ideal for screw driven garage door openers to dampen the sound it makes as the screw inside the rail spins at high revolution.  You can use lubriplate on ball-bearings, but remember that a little goes a long ways!

Pick up can or tube today at our showroom and start protecting the single largest moving part in your home!  Click here to learn more about servicing garage doors, and what we offer during our services.


Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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