A Homeowner’s Guide To Accent Images on Sectional Garage Doors

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A traditional garage door will feature a metal base and could include a wide variety of overlays that replicate the look of steel, wood, or other materials. Thanks to advancements in printers and design capabilities, garage door companies can take the design process one step further with the use of accent images.

Accent images showcase high-quality printed panels that go over each section of a garage door. Not only do accent images provide a nice visual, but the extra layer will add protection to the garage door material underneath. Learn more about the accent images on sectional garage doors and how these products can transform your garage.


Ideally, you want to add an accent image to a new garage door installation. The process is much easier as the image gets applied to the door before the delivery and installation. Installation on older doors many not be possible due to the condition of the door and the layout of the sections.

The professional finish will save time on the installation and provide you with a new garage door that will last for years to come. Through the production, you can select the garage door style you want and then the accent image will be cropped and styled directly to the size. You can receive a mock-up image of the door before making your final decision.


When you select a high-quality accent image for your new sectional garage door, you will have a set amount of themes to choose from. Selecting a base theme will help you narrow down your options and allow you to make the best decision. The themes could include destinations.

Destination designs will include high-quality images of nature from all around the world. For example, you could select a tropical design for something sunny and relaxing. You could also select a snow-capped mountain if you seek something more rugged and up north.

Other themes may include textures, patriotic themes, or outdoor sports designs.

Licensed Images & Production

As you picture giant images on your garage door, you may picture the inclusion of cartoon characters, sports teams, or other copyright photos. Due to copyright laws, you often cannot place those types of images on a garage door. A garage door company would need to have licensed images to produce those garage doors.

In many cases, the licensed images cost more. You cannot just select any image you want. Check with a garage door company to see what kinds of licensed images they offer. Some may have licensing agreements with a wide range of companies including different sports organizations. This varies by company and who actually produces the accent images.

Exterior Applications & Landscaping

One of the main ways to apply accent images is on the exterior of a sectional garage door. The image can add a lot of curb appeal and make your home stand out. When you choose a design, consider the landscaping that surrounds your garage.

For example, if you have a lot of bushes and small trees, then you may want a mountain-based accent image to match the design. If you have other decor around your home, then you could choose an accent image to match the design. For example, an American flag garage door accent image could match other flag decor or big star decor pieces on the house.

Interior Applications

You also have the option to apply accent images on the interior of the garage door. If you use the garage often, then an interior application will create a nice visual for the garage. As you work in the garage, you can enjoy visuals of beaches, animals, or various sports themes.

For more information on accent images, contact us at Plano Overhead Garage Door. We will help you pick a design and can install a garage door that features a highly detailed accent image on both sides of the door.



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