4 Ways a New Garage Door Can Prevent Pests in Your Garage

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A garage offers a lot of attractions for pests and animals. The large shelter can provide heat, warmth, and plenty of nesting areas. You may choose to keep garbage or boxes in a garage, and those items could attract pests as well. If you want to help prevent pests in the garage area, then consider a new garage door installation.

A new garage door will come with many features to help keep your garage free of pests. Learn about some of these features and how big a difference a new garage door can make.

1. Stronger Seal

A new garage door can eliminate any gaps or openings in your current garage. Wear and tear on older garage doors can impact the way they shut and seal. For example, the bottom seal on a garage door may wear down and leave a small gap for critters to crawl to. A rodent like a rat or mouse doesn’t need much space to squeeze through and enter a garage.

If you have an older garage door of wood, then the wood could deteriorate. Animals like squirrels could also scratch and chew at the wood to create access holes. The little areas could allow animals to freely go in and out of your garage. A new door will feature a strong seal and eliminate any gaps.

The seal helps keep temperatures inside the garage and removes the biggest access points for pests.

2. Better Insulation

A new garage door can include a thicker and better insulation. For example, you could purchase a garage door with injected insulation that fills up each panel and provides the best climate control in the garage. The insulation could also help block out any attractive scents inside a garage area. For example, the garage may have smells from garbage or food storage.

Proper insulation will keep those smells in the garage and not attract animals like mice. The insulation could also prevent animals from nesting in the gaps of garage door panels. Along with small critters, the insulation can help keep insects out of the cracks and hollow areas of a garage door.

3. Durable Materials

A new garage door will include materials like steel to offer premium protection. Other materials like vinyl and wood can become vulnerable to chewing, scratching, and impacts from animals who try to seek the garage as a shelter. The durable materials can withstand animals and prevent new damage to your garage door.

Along with the doors, you can add extra accessories like motion lights. When an animal goes near the door, a motion light can flash on and scare the animal away from your door. Multiple forms of deterrence will help keep animals away. When you choose a steel material, the garage door can still have a finish to emulate other styles you seek for curb appeal.

4. New Garage Door Opener

If you have an older garage door opener, the opener may malfunction and give animals the opportunity to get inside the garage. The garage door may jam or not shut all the way and leave the space vulnerable. When you purchase a new garage door, you could install a new opener as well.

A new opener can provide a smooth operation and allow you to easily open the garage door. The opener will ensure the door reaches the ground and not provide any malfunction issues in the future. A smart garage door can provide alerts when the door is open and ensure the door remains shut through night hours when many animals and critters remain active.

For more information on garage door installations, contact us at Plano Overhead Garage Door. We put a lot of pride in our service and can ensure you have a high-quality garage door for your home.



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