Custom Wood, and Steel Garage Doors Painted With Wooden Look

When it comes to steel garage doors that are painted to look like real wooden garage doors, the Accents Series we offer is recognized in the industry as second to none.  Each garage doors’ pattern is non-repeating and painted based on hand-drawn imaging.   These garage doors are the most realistic wooden appearance garage door on the market.  Watch this video to learn more about the authentic craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes in to every Accents garage door.

Accents Woodtones NEW

Accents The Finest in Woodtone Doors


 Steel with Factory Printed Modern Carriage Wood Appearance

(Accents Stamped Carriage House – Model 5216)

Wooden Look

Do you want the strength of steel but hope for something more attractive?  Our steel doors with wood grain finishes give your home a tasteful look.

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 Steel with Factory Printed Slatted Wood Appearance

(Accents Planks Series)

2. Accents Planks Wood Door

Perhaps you want a more understated look to your garage? These doors have subtly grooved accent planks with a stylish, smooth appearance. This simplicity accents any homes’ style, and it gives an earthy feel without pronounced rectangular patterns.

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 Steel with Factory Printed Natural Wood Appearance

(Accents Raised Panel Series – Models 2283, 4283, 2216, 5216)

Accents Raised Panel Series

This style has roots that date from garage doors pre-1970’s.  A perfect match if you are replacing an older wooden garage door on your home.  Crisp, classic, and well-defined.

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 Accents Series Options:

Accents Options

Accents Specifications


(Double sided 2″ Steel Garage Door with Overlay Facing on Accents Background)

Wooden Overlay Series

(Double sided 2″ Steel Garage Door with Overlay Facing)

Get the best of both worlds! These garage doors come as a steel garage door with either cedar or fiberglass facing permanently affixed to the exterior for the optimal design and flexibility.  Their thickness is roughly 3″, allowing for ultimate protection and insulating value.  These garage doors come without finish, paint, or sealant- allowing you to match existing wooden features on your home.  Preserve your cedar door by staining and sealing it multiple times yearly. This will protect it from weather damage and keep your home looking great year round.  The lifetime warranty does not apply to the 5400 and 5700 series, however their durability and warranty is the best in the industry for these styles of garage doors.

Overlay Series

Hand-Crafted Wood

(Locally Hand Crafted in North Texas- All Wood with Steel Hardware)

Wood Door AAGD Clavos, Custom

True Wood, Authentic Wood

We offer custom, handmade wooden garage doors to Plano, TX and nearby areas. These garage doors are crafted locally from 100% wood. Visit our showroom for ideas, select any wood, and design away.  The authentic wood brings a rustic flair to your home. Because these doors are customized, please allow 4 to 8 weeks for completion.  They come unfinished, unsealed, and unpainted. Be sure to maintain the integrity of your door by staining and sealing it each year.  The wooden garage doors do not come with the lifetime warranty, however their appearance and craftsmanship is unrivaled in the garage door manufacturing industry.

Our wooden garage doors come in a wide variety of styles, options, wood types. window options, and are able to be fully customized to suit your needs.  Please call for details.

Recessed Panel Old Wood Look, Double Steel Insulated

Recessed Panel Options
This model provides a classic, low-maintenance option. These all-metal doors require no upkeep from you, yet they still give the feel of wood from the outside.  Polyurethane in the core protects these doors from weather damage. The recessed squares create a unique look that is sure to impress.


More About Our Installations:

Lifetime Warranty

Nobody matches our warranty on new garage doors. All of our new garage door installations include a lifetime warranty on all parts and panels, and a 1-year warranty on the labor! Not only are we the only company to offer this warranty, but we do it at no additional charge. We proudly stand behind the craftsmanship of our garage doors and their installation!

Top Quality Garage Doors

C.H.I. is the brand of garage door that we install. The quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail their doors provide is unmatched in the garage door industry. Our garage doors are 24-gauge steel, the strongest and longest lasting steel available for residential garage doors. We also use commercial grade hardware and tracks, 10 ball-bearing steel rollers, the highest gauge steel panels available, and then attach a reinforcing strut at the top of each door to be sure to provide you with optimal durability. These are the reasons in which we are able to provide a lifetime warranty on every single part on the garage doors we install.

Affordable Garage Doors

These top-quality garage doors are made in the United States by an Amish company in Arthur, Illinois. The doors are shipped wrapped in cardboard, and are hand loaded and offloaded directly to our fully stocked warehouse. The doors come as a complete set in a full semi-truck, rather than attempting to buy the cheapest parts from several local companies and piece together your garage door one cheaply made part at a time. We provide the best products and warranty possible so that you can be assured that your new garage door will last. We also maintain a large inventory of garage doors, and order in bulk so that we can pass on our savings to our customers. Customers are impressed with our ability to provide such top notch garage doors and quality services at such affordable prices!

In Stock, No Waiting

We maintain one of the largest garage door inventories in the area, preventing us from having to buy doors from a distributor or local warehouse to minimize damage. We do this because we can monitor how these doors are treated from the time they’re manufactured, up until the door is installed at your home. You won’t have to worry about us having to track down the door you’re looking for, because we have got it in stock—and if not, we can have it custom shipped to our warehouse faster than any other company.

Replacing Your Garage Door

Our professionally trained service technicians work directly for us—meaning we never subcontract out our work in order to save money. Our experienced employees go through months of professional training to ensure that they are the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians possible. Our technicians will remove your old door, install the new garage door, service and re-attach your existing garage door opener, and haul away the old garage door as a part of our ‘everything included’ approach to installations. Our service technicians explain the functionality of your new garage door, show you how to maintain it, go over their installation to ensure customer satisfaction, and run a thorough safety test of the garage door and opener. This is all part of our attention to detail, and customer oriented mindset.

Dependable, On-Time Appointments

We schedule 30-minute arrival windows in order to prevent you from having to wait around for four hours to have your new garage door installed. Over 90% of our garage door installations are performed the same day that the door is sold or ordered. We understand that your time is valuable, and that it is our responsibility to be prompt and on time. We can also usually tell you how long your installation will take in the event that you need to leave for any reason during the installation.

Fully Functional Showroom

We have all of our garage doors on display at our location. Wood garage doors, carriage house or ranch style garage doors, insulated garage doors, and immitation wood look steel garage doors. We understand that being able to see the potential colors, models, and functionality of your next garage door is important. We have all of our window, exterior upgraded hardware, color samples, and designs on working display so you can see exactly what you're getting before you buy. Stop by our showroom on Highway 75 in Plano to get color samples, brochures, ask questions, or just to browse for a new door!

When you visit our showroom, and you’ve decided on a style of wooden-look garage doors, our experienced technicians will come to your house and complete the garage door installation within 3 to 4 hours.  We understand that being able to see the potential colors, models, and functionality of your next garage door is important. Stop by our showroom on Highway 75 in Plano to get color samples, brochures, ask questions, or just to browse for a new door!

Some of Our Work

Browse through our impressive pictures that show how we can handle a wide range of diverse, and complicated garage door installations.  Some of the transformations will amaze you.  A new garage door, garage door opener, or even just routine garage door repairs can have a dramatic impact on the resale value of your home.  In fact, a recent article published states that the installation of a new garage door retains up to 91% of it’s value during resale of the home.  This makes it the second best investment you can make for your home, other than a new fence.  Click on the images above to see some of the biggest, most complex, and most interesting transformations that we have seen over the past decades of garage door installations.  What an amazing difference a new garage door can make on the appearance of your home!

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At Plano Overhead, our trained technicians arrive with a fully supplied truck and bring your new non-insulated garage door to your home. We offer dependable products, detail-oriented installation, and a lifetime warranty on our work. Our inexpensive, high-quality, non-insulated garage doors keep your home and garage secure.

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