Why are Torsion Springs So Important?

Torsion springs are what counterbalances the weight of your entire garage door.  Without fully functioning garage door springs, the garage door will likely not open.  And for some reason, it seems to always happen at the worst time! It is usually not very long before the garage door opener burns out from having to work 10 times harder.  This is why replacing the broken spring is very important to prevent further damage to your garage door, the opener, your car, or especially your family.

When They Break

It’s not a subject that’s included in everyday life; however, when they break, the world as you know it comes to a complete halt! How could this have happened?  There are several reasons, but let’s not go there – let’s talk repair and why you should have a trained professional repair it for you.  Another very important factor is choosing a company that offers quality material that you can rely on, not to mention a company that stands behind the product, as well as, offering you the customer service you deserve.

Our Torsion Springs

  • Galvanized, rust inhibitive wire
  • Individually computer-calibrated.
  • 34” Commercial grade.
  • Special ordered from the manufacturer, and sent directly to our warehouse.
  • Rated for up to 100,000 cycles.

We have stood behind the quality of our torsion springs and have offered a LIFETIME warranty on them since 1986. To date, we are the ONLY garage door business in the DFW metroplex who offers it at no additional charge to the customer. We also stand behind our labor for ONE YEAR.

Competition and Pricing

Our competitors are attempting to convince customers that they are getting the same type of torsion spring as our company offers.  We offer a low price guarantee on our springs so long as our competitors match our torsion spring warranty, labor warranty, and quality of spring.

Then they call us back and say that they got offered the same thing for a few dollars less.  The problem?  When the other companies show up, they’re going to mention that the lifetime warranty isn’t INCLUDED, it’s AVAILABLE (for up to $450 up-charge).  And then they are going to give you an invoice that mentions their 30 DAY warranty.  Oh, and did we mention that their springs range from 18” to 25” long?

Springs Ours versus Competitors

On the right in the picture above is an actual spring that a customer paid 3 times the amount that we charge to have it installed.  On the left is the 34″ commercial grade springs that every customer gets from our company.  No up-charges, no gimmicks!

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