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Replacing Garage Door Hinges

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How to replace center hinges on garage doors:

Although it’s a fairly easy process, it’s important to allow enough time for properly maintaining. Prior to any hinge replacement, a few things to consider:

1) Ensure you have the correct hinge for replacement. Hinges vary and are numbered on the bottom section of the hinge, in relation to the panel. (ie: the bottom panel is panel #1, going up to panel #2, #3, etc). Hinges are shaped differently at each panel due to the pitch of the door as it travels through the track at the turn going up and down. Placing the incorrect hinge will damage the door.
2) Disconnect your opener from your garage door to prevent any damage to your door or personal injury.
3) Using the correct crescent or socket, remove the bolts from the bottom of the hinge first, then remove remaining hinges going up.
4) Install new hinge with new bolts, washers, etc.
5) DO NOT remove a second hinge from your garage door before you secure the first one.

Replacing track hinges along the vertical tracks: Follow the process above with a few additional steps.

1) Use care when removing hinges with rollers. Do not force rollers from tracks.
2) Inspect rollers and replace as necessary.

Which hinges not to ever touch unless by a professional?

The BOTTOM hinges. Removing these without proper knowledge and skill will result in personal and property damage. (The garage door cables are attached to these hinges; if the tension is released without following the proper procedure, it will cause severe damage to your door.)

If you are unsure or uncertain about changing your hinges, please allow one of our trained technicians to handle this process for you. We use heavy duty 14 gauge hinges stamped from galvanized steel in a heavy duty “wide body”. We also provide a warranty on both labor and parts that is comparable to no other company in the metroplex.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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