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Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

This is by far our best-selling garage door opener.  Almost all of our customers are choosing the Liftmaster 8550W blet-driven garage door opener.  It is extremely reliable, very quiet, and has the best warranty out of any garage door opener on the market.  With a 3/4HP motor, battery backup system, LED wall console with time and tempurature, and built-in WiFi; this opener is what we recommend to all of our customers.  We order them in such a large quantity that we are able to get the cost down close to the “budget” openers that our competitors are offering.


Liftmaster 8500 Jackshaft

We also carry and install jackshaft garage door openers. The Liftmaster 8500 is an Elite series jackshaft operator. This opener is typically used only in special case scenarios. This opener mounts to the side of the garage door on the wall—in order to allow for higher lift and more clearance for special case garages. The side mount operation is unique and innovative.  It allows for a very efficient and unique style of operation and installation, and uses the same technology and gadgets that are available with our other myQ compatible garage door openers.  If you have any questions about our jackshaft opener, please call for more details.

Liftmaster 8587W H.D. Chain Drive

Our Heavy Duty chain drive garage door opener is for the heaviest, thickest wooden or wood faced steel garage doors that can be up to 3″ thick, 12 feet in height, and 20 feet in width!  It has the durability and strength to get the job done, but lacks the luxurious features of the 8557.  The 8557 Belt Drive is very similar, but every now and then a door comes along that is bulky enough to demand this opener.  This unit has built in Wi-Fi so that you can monitor and control your garage door from anywhere in the world!

Liftmaster 8165 Chain Drive

Our chain drive model is one of the best in the industry.  However, we make sure to tell our customers that chain drive openers use plastic drive gears, are very noisy, and are classified in the contractor series. These attributes are the main reason that our customers have transitioned to the new technology of belt driven openers. The cost is nearly the same, and what you get for your money is nowhere near the same. If you are still interested in a chain or screw driven opener, feel free to call for more details on these openers!


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