Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster 87504 Belt-Drive with LEDs and Camera

The most advanced garage door opener ever made also comes with the best warranty in the industry. It’s the best of the best, and is surprisingly affordable. It lights all 4 corners of your garage with 2,000 Lumens of LED lighting and is the first garage door opener that utilizes Bluetooth for enhanced connectivity and reliability. The 87504 comes with a 3/4 HP quiet DC motor, battery backup system, wall console with motion sensor and time and temperature, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth; this opener is a must have!

Model 87504

Liftmaster 85503 Belt Drive with Camera – Plano, TX – Plano Overhead Garage Door

Liftmaster 85503 Belt-Drive with Camera

Homeowners with Amazon Prime can have this model installed to enable in-garage delivery through Amazon Key.  Using the video history, this model is also great for keeping an eye on the things in your garage worth looking after.

Model 85503

Liftmaster 84501 Belt-Drive with LEDs

The 84501 has a 3/4 HP motor, ultra-bright built-in LED’s, wall console with time and temperature, and built-in WiFi.

Model 84501

Liftmaster 8500W Jackshaft Side Mount – Plano, TX – Plano Overhead Garage Door

Liftmaster 8500W Jackshaft Side-Mount

This opener is great for adding storage above the garage door or adding a car lift inside the garage. This opener mounts to the side of the garage door on the wall—in order to allow for higher lift and more clearance. The side mount operation is unique and innovative.  It allows for a very efficient and unique style of operation and installation, and creates an impression.

Model 8500W

Liftmaster 87802 Heavy Duty Chain-Drive

Our heavy duty chain drive garage door opener is for the heaviest, thickest wooden or wood faced steel garage doors that can be up to 3″ thick, 12 feet in height, and 20 feet in width!  It has the durability and strength to get the job done.

Model 87802




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