How to Buy a Garage Door

Let’s face it, not many people know very much about garage doors until they need a new one.  Good news!  We created a page just for you!  Below you will find information that will help you figure out what to look for in a garage door other than just the appearance.  Congratulations, you’re about to be an informed shopper!

Parts and Panel Warranty

What warranty are they offering you on the parts and panels?  Lifetime on both parts AND panels (Best), Manufacturer’s warranty- usually 3 to 10 years on panels and only ONE YEAR on parts (Bad).  Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home, and is considered in the top 3 most dangerous things in the home as well.  Don’t you want a garage door you can count on?Lifetime Warranty

Labor Warranty

How long do they warranty their labor on garage door installations?  1 Year (Best), 90 days (Worse), 30 days (Bad), No Warranty- yes they’re out there! (Worst).  Do they have a tailgate warranty or are they going to stand behind their work?  We have several competitors that pay companies to write reviews and will put anything on their website to make you choose them.  Do the research!

Labor Warranty 1 Year

Spring Options

How many springs does their two car garage door come with? Two Galvanized (Best), Two Oil Tempered (Good), One Spring (Bad), Stretch Springs (Worst).  The garage door spring is the most important piece of equipment in your home other than your air conditioner.  If you treat your garage door like a front door like most people do, then it should be worth it to make sure you get the most reliable and durable springs on the market.  Our Oil-tempered and galvanized spring options both come with a lifetime warranty.

Torsion 1 versus 2 Stretch Spring Galvanized Garage Door Spring

Steel Thickness

What thickness of steel is their garage door made from?  24 gauge (Best), 24 gauge nominal (Bad) 25 gauge (Worse), or 26 gauge (Worst).  26 gauge steel garage doors can be bent by hand, and can actually be cut with a standard box knife.  Some customers don’t think the thickness matters until a rock shoots out from their lawnmower and puts a hole through it (Yes, we’ve seen this!).  24 gauge steel garage doors on the other hand are considered top quality for the garage door industry, and this is why we are able to put a lifetime warranty on them.

Steel Gauge Thickness Garage Door


What rollers does it come with? Nylon Coated Steel 11 Ball Bearing (Best), Steel 10 Ball Bearing (Good), Nylon (Worst).  Rollers are like the tires on your vehicle, once the go out you are pretty much out of luck.  Utilizing both a nylon sleeve AND a steel bearing core, nylon coated steel rollers are as good as it gets.  Nylon coated steel rollers come with a lifetime warranty.  Other than good springs, nylon rollers are the next most important in the longevity of your garage door.

Garage Door Rollers Nylon Steel


What thickness of steel is their hardware made from? 14 Gauge (Best), 16 Gauge (Good), 18 Gauge (Bad).  We replace broken hinges on competitors’ garage doors every day.  The customer is none the wiser until a hinge breaks or a cable snaps because the company chose the builder package when they bought your new garage door from a local supplier.  Our hinges and hardware are 14 gauge or thicker and come with a lifetime warranty.

Garage Door Hardware

Reinforcing Top Strut

Is a top reinforcing strut included?  Yes (Great), No (Worst/Dangerous).  Without a top reinforcing strut, the top panel of your garage door will be destroyed when your spring breaks.  Struts take extra time, effort, and money- but they are a necessity.  Several of our competitors skip this step to save money.   Our struts are top quality and also have a lifetime warranty.


Consider Noise Level

Nylon and Steel Roller

Nylon coated steel rollers can reduce the sound that your garage door makes by over 60%.  If you have rooms above or near your garage, this is a must have!  Don’t be fooled by companies that quote “Nylon Rollers” but fail to mention that they are ONLY nylon with no steel.  Notice our roller on the right has a steel bearing wrapped in nylon so that you get durability AND noise reduction.  We’ve all heard tires on the highway that make a lot of noise, and the wheels (rollers) on your garage door are no different!

Consider Insulation Value


Garage doors are measured by what is called an R-value.  The higher the R-value, the more energy efficient the garage door will be.  You will often see the R-value listed on brochures or you can always ask.  A double steel, sandwich style 2″ polyurethane injected insulated garage door can affect the temperature in your garage by as much as 10 to 15 degrees!  The more the insulation, the quieter the door will operate as well.  Thicker panels rattle and pop less as they open and close.  Not to mention, they look a lot better from the inside when they’re insulated!

Think About Cost

Garage door replacement has the 3rd highest return on investment of all home renovation projects.  A quality insulated garage door can save you hundreds, even thousands, over the time you are in your home.  Isn’t it worth it to you to spend the extra money to get something will improve the value of your home and make it stand out?  The garage door takes up a large portion of the exterior of your home, and can be a great way to make a statement without having to do major renovations.

Choose a Manufacturer

Our garage doors are manufactured by an Amish based company called C.H.I. right here in the United States.  Our garage doors are 24 gauge steel, have upgraded commercial grade hardware, and are known as being the best in the industry.  We are also known for our top quality craftsmanship involving custom order and specialty garage door projects.  We install wooden garage doors, insulated garage doors, double-steel garage doors, wood-faced garage doors, steel doors that are painted to appear like wood, full view, fiberglass, and a wide range of carriage house or ranch style garage doors.

Choose a Model

Browse Through Our Work

Browse through our impressive pictures that show how we can handle a wide range of diverse, and complicated garage door problems.  Some of the transformations will amaze you.  A new garage door, garage door, or even just routine garage door repairs can have a dramatic impact on the resale value of your home.  In fact, a recent article published states that the installation of a new garage door retains up to 83% of it’s value during resale of the home.  This makes it the second best investment you can make for your home, other than a new fence.  Click on the images above to see some of the biggest, most complex, and most interesting transformations that we have seen over the past decades of garage door installations.  What an amazing difference a new garage door can make on the appearance of your home!

Estimates For Your Garage Door

Replacing a garage door is an unfamiliar process for many people, so we make it simple.  Since 1977, our customers have gotten a lifetime warranty on all parts and panels at no cost.  We provide the best quality garage doors in the industry at an affordable price.  Our belief is that quality products at affordable prices create lifetime customers.  All our service technicians are professionally trained for installation, customer service, and sales.  As a family owned and operated company, we make sure that our friendly company technicians can come out and walk you through the entire process.  We’ll bring color samples, 2′ by 2′ samples of our garage doors, brochures, pricing information, and pretty much anything you’re looking for.  We’ll take measurements, and give you all of the options you have to choose from in order to allow you to choose what suits your needs.  Whether it’s a basic non-insulated garage door, or a handcrafted wooden garage door; Plano Overhead Garage Door has got you covered.



Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or replacing an older garage door; we suggest that homeowners take each of the factors above into consideration.  Some people are focused on appearance and cost is no issue, while others want the cheapest garage door possible and could care less what it looks like.  The good thing is that thanks to advancements in the garage door industry, there is a garage door out there that suits just about any of your needs.  Give us at Plano Overhead Garage Door a chance to exceed your expectations!

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