Hall of Fame

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the more memorable pictures from over the years! Most of these images were taken by our installers or our customers. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Garage Door Ran Into

We assume the blue truck hit the garage at about 50 MPH.  Garage door is smashed between the blue Ford and the Red Ferrari.

Ran into Hit Smashed Garage Door Before and After for Website

Smashed at 30 MPH!  Had them back to normal the same day!

Ran Into Door Caution Tape

Ran into the corner of the garage at 15 MPH.

Ran Into 2 Doors and Post Wooden Doors

Knocked out the center post at 20 MPH.

Door Closed on Porsche

Almost got out!

Truck Through Garage Wall

Through the wall, side entry. Now THAT’s how you make an entrance.

Wood Garage Door Falling Apart

Held together by a hope and a prayer!

Cat in Window Bottom of Garage DoorWe have actually done this several times for customers!

Customer Fell Through CeilingThe only door we have ever seen that was knocked off track by a falling person!  He was glad that the opened door broke his fall and was ok!

Cowboys Man Cave

An awesome Dallas Cowboys man cave.

One of the nicer garages we’ve worked on.  Stunning!

The exact opposite of the garage above. No two garages are alike!

Duct tape can do a lot, but it can’t fix broken garage door springs.

This was NOT our garage door.

Garage Door Off Track Badly

“Needs a Little Work Done”

Ran Into and Drove Over Garage DoorNotice the tire treads over the panels on the ground.

Snake on Garage Door TracksAlmost 5 feet long but not poisonous.

Boa constrictor wrapped around the horizontal tracks at the ceiling of a garage. Not from one of our installations, but it would scare the heck out of anybody!

Smaller snake, but it’s a poisonous copperhead.

Garage Door Hanging in Air Off TrackLess than 3 bolts holding it in the air. We actually got the door back in its’ tracks and working again!

Fishing Rods on Garage Door

Great idea if you ask me!  Don’t add too much weight unless you call us to adjust the door springs!

American Flag Garage Door

God Bless America!

Garage Door Mangled

Needless to say we couldn’t repair this garage door and opener.

TV Projector Mounted to Garage Door Opener

Man cave TV projector mounted to the garage door opener. Strongly discouraged, but masterful engineering.

Inside Out Garage Door

We’ve come across a few garage doors that flip inside out when they fall off track.

Inside Out Garage Door


Really Old Garage Door Opener

One of the first garage door openers ever manufactured. VERY old.

Birds on Garage Door Opener

Bad place for birds to call home!

Hi Lift Cars Stacked

Special installation for a car lift in the garage.  The door “High Lifts” to the ceiling to make more clearance.

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