Hall Of Fame

Take a look at these pictures that we’ve collected over the years.  These pictures speak to the hard work and dedication of our professionally trained service technicians.  Plano Overhead Garage Door can take care of your garage door, garage door opener, garage door repair, and garage door parts needs.  Most of the images were taken by our installers or our customers.  When it comes to the garage door business, you really never know what you’re going to see when you show up at a customers’ house…

Garage Door Ran Into

They decided not to race each other home anymore after this accident.  The garage door looks like spaghetti between the truck and Ferrari!

Ran into Hit Smashed Garage Door Before and After for Website

This is what it looks like when you hit your garage door going 15 miles an hour.

Ran Into 2 Doors and Post Wooden Doors

This is what it looks like when you hit your garage door going 40 miles an hour.  If you’re going to do something, do it RIGHT!

Wood Garage Door Falling Apart

It might be time to stop repairing this one.

Cat in Window Bottom of Garage DoorEven pets can have their own windows!

Customer Fell Through CeilingBe careful when you’re in the attic!  This garage door saved the customer from a 10 foot fall onto the concrete.  Good thing the door was in the open position!

Cowboys Man Cave

An awesome Dallas Cowboys Man Cave.

Garage Door Off Track Badly

Half the work was done for us already when we arrived.

Accents Garage Doors with WindowsBeautiful Accents Steel Garage Doors!

Ran Into and Drove Over Garage DoorGarage door wouldn’t open, so she (left) stayed home.  He on the other hand (right)……found a way to get out to catch his flight.  You could actually see the tire tread imprinted across the panels!

Snake on Garage Door TracksYes, it’s a real snake. Over 6 feet long!  The homeowner handled the problem before we started working.

Ran Into Door Caution Tape


Garage Door Hanging in Air Off TrackLess than 3 bolts holding it in the air. We actually got the door back in its’ tracks and working again!

Windows Zig Zag Garage DoorArtistic?  Accident?   You decide.

Fishing Rods on Garage Door

Best usage of a garage door we’ve ever seen!


American Flag Garage Door

God Bless America!  They get the award for most patriotic.

Truck Through Garage Wall

Now THAT’s how you make an entrance.

Garage Door Mangled

Needless to say we couldn’t repair this garage door and opener.

TV Projector Mounted to Garage Door Opener

Best use of a garage door opener. (Mancave TV projector mount)

Inside Out Garage Door

We’ve come across a few garage doors that ‘flip out’ and jump the tracks.

Inside Out Garage Door

The SECOND inside-out garage door we’ve seen!


This one took a nose dive!

Garage Door Hanging in the Air

Nobody sneeze!

Elephant in Garage

A traffic stopping garage door decal!  You can buy them online, but they don’t last long in the Texas summer!

Really Old Garage Door Opener

One of the first garage door openers ever manufactured. VERY old.

Door Closed on Porsche

The Porsche lost this battle.

Very Full Garage

We get used to full garages after a while.

Birds on Garage Door Opener

The most eco-friendly garage door opener we’ve ever seen. (The baby birds were safely relocated)

Hi Lift Cars Stacked

Special installation for a car lift in the garage.  The door “High Lifts” to the ceiling to make more clearance.

In other words, we’ve seen it all!

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