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Take care of your garage by looking after its door. If you need your garage door repaired, serviced, or replaced, contact Plano Overhead Garage Door. We’re proud to serve customers in Farmers Branch, TX.

Solve Your Garage Door Problems

Plano Overhead Garage Door performs just about any service related to garage doors. Do you need a new overhead door? We can provide you with a variety of options. You can pick one that meets your needs, and we’ll install it for you. Do you need garage door maintenance or a repair? We can either fix it for you or provide you with the correct parts to fix it yourself.

We want to provide our customers with all the resources they need to correct their problems. If you have a question about garage doors, check out our FAQ page, which we’ve compiled with our years of experience in this field.

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If you have a question about us or our services, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact us. Call us at 972-422-1695 or submit a request on our Contact Form to get a free estimate on your next garage door service. We look forward to helping you out at your home in Farmers Branch, TX.



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