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Dealing with Garage Door Damage in Plano, TX

Dents in your garage door can be aggravating and bothersome. Repairing dents on garage doors can become an item on your to-do list many times in one year. Aluminum or steel garage doors dent rather east, and with your kids playing around in close proximity, it is almost bound to happen for sure. Sometimes even just bumping against them or pushing against them can create that one annoying and inconvenient dent that will make it look less appealing. While there are many tips and tricks to bring out a dent on a garage door, it can be tedious and quite dangerous if you have not done it before.

Dented Garage Door

When it comes to Dents and Dings

Here at Plano Overhead Garage Door, we do our best to repair bent and dented panels using hand tools and reinforcing struts to prevent further damage.  The scope of the repair can depend on severity and replacing the panel may be your only option if there are too many big dents involved. Creases in the panel are often detrimental, as they can cause splits and folding throughout the panel.  One of our highly proficient technicians can best instruct you of your less expensive options, or give you a fair-minded price on a new garage door.


For pretty small dents that appear on your garage door, hitting the door from behind it may bring out part of the dent. Then with some 12-grid sandpaper, you then need to sand it down a tad to get it prepared for using a body filler. Then after you wait about an hour or so for it to dry, you then will proceed to sand it down once more. After it is sanded down to a flush feel, then you are ready to prime the area, let that dry, and proceed to paint.

Being on the look-out

When you are in the state of deciding whether you should repair a garage door, make sure that you have the skills and know exactly what you are doing. Garage doors are heavy and can be very dangerous when you are trying to do the job yourself. Also keep in mind, be on the look-out for people that say they can do it for a few bucks and but actually don’t have the skills to fix the problem with your garage door.  Anyone can give it a shot, but sometimes that just makes things worse.

Making the right choice!

You can now rest easy knowing you can stop with the confusion of pricing, to-do lists and know now you can come to us here at Plano Overhead Garage Door and avoid accidents, overpricing, and not have to worries of having an improper installation or repair done on your garage door. We know there is more to the job than just the door itself, but rather making sure the remote, track and springs are also appropriately working together as a garage door opens and closes.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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