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Yes, We Sell Parts!

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Do you like saving time, money and headaches?  If you are the “fix it yourself” kind of person; then we’ve got the parts for you!  We’re not just your average garage door and opener dealer. We’ve got garage door parts….. pulleys, nose pieces, safety sensors, hinges, drums, fixtures, chains/belts, circuit boards, tow arms, cables, weather seal, tracks, stiles, struts, rollers, bearings, couplers, capacitors, carriages, limits switches, master chain links, gear kits, sprocket kits and the list goes on…..

Plano Overhead Garage Door proudly maintains one of the largest garage door parts inventories in the DFW metroplex. Why go through the hassle of googling parts to order that take weeks of shipping and may not work?  Click here to visit our parts page.  Stop by or call our office for assistance today!

Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

The Importance of Torsion Springs

Safety for You and Your Family

One of the most important components of your garage door is the springs, and to keep your home safe, you need to make sure your springs are in good condition to prevent getting stuck at home or not having access to get into your home.

The springs on your garage door enable the door to open and close smoothly. These springs are incredibly powerful, and if they are broken, the garage door may fall down when it isn’t supposed to. A sudden fall of a garage door could seriously injure a person and damage your vehicle, so you want to make sure your garage door is in safe working condition.

Because garage door springs hold so much potential energy, they should be replaced by a professional. Without the proper training, replacing a spring could result in serious injury. A professional garage door technician has the training necessary to prevent the springs from causing injury and the skill to adjust or replace a spring without hurting themselves.


When They Break

Torsion springs are what counterbalances the weight of your entire garage door.  Without fully functioning garage door springs, the garage door will likely not open.  And for some reason, it seems to always happen at the worst time! It is usually not very long before the garage door opener burns out from having to work 10 times harder.  This is why replacing the broken spring is very important to prevent further damage to your garage door, the opener, your car, or especially your family.

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The Advantages of Two Torsion Springs

It’s 7 am and you’re leaving for work.  You open the garage door and hear a loud “BOOM”! Your door has dropped back to the ground hard, possibly even lop-sided, and you cannot open it no matter how hard you try.  Your two car garage door only had one spring, and now the garage door is just dead weight.  You quickly realize that the garage door opener doesn’t actually do the legwork, the springs do (the opener just GUIDES the garage door)!  So now you’re stuck and can’t get your vehicle out.  Hope you weren’t rushing out for an early meeting!Advantages of Two Torsion Springs Plano, TX – Plano, TX – Plano Overhead Garage Door

Advantages of 2 Springs

With 2 springs on your garage door, only one of them breaks 99% of the time.  Most garage doors will still open if only one of the two springs is broken.  The garage door opener works twice as hard, but the garage door normally opens (possibly with a helping hand) at least once so that you can get your car out and make it to work.  Be sure to call us as soon as possible though, as your garage door opener will likely be damaged with continued use.  The second spring usually breaks within a few days of the first one- especially once it’s doing double the work that it was intended.

Why Was There Only 1 Spring Before?

Most home builders cut corners in one area to make other areas of the home more appealing.  Unfortunately, the garage door is an area of where they cut expenses by installing only one torsion spring on a standard 16’x7′ garage door when there really should be two. Even though the door will function, having only one spring places unnecessary wear and unbalance to the door which, over time, causes the spring to break due to over-use.  When a customer comes home and pushes the button to open the door (not knowing the spring has broken), it often damages the garage door significantly because it is dead weight on the ground.

Can I Just Weld or Repair It?

Due to safety issues, springs should be replaced and not repaired.  The springs’ purpose is to carry the weight of the door while it’s being opened or closed. Garage doors can weigh up to several hundred pounds, depending on the size, style and material of the door.  Welding the spring back together or bolting the gap together is a cheap fix, but it is very dangerous and is often a temporary fix since the remainder of the coils on the spring are just as worn down as the point that broke.  Just in case you’re wondering, we’ve had customers try duct tape.  No, it doesn’t work no matter how much you wrap around it!

Our Suggestion

Upgrade to two springs, find the best price associated with the best warranty, and find a company that can do it the same day.  We offer all of these things and would love the opportunity to earn your business!



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