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Upgrade to Nylon Coated Steel Rollers in Plano, TX

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Noisy Door?

Do you have an annoyingly loud garage door that disturbs not only you and your family but also the whole neighborhood? Here are some common causes that a professional door installer can identify and fix in one simple visit. Nylon coated steel rollers are not just your typical steel rollers. When you get a house built you normally get just plain plastic rollers. Which are inexpensive but if you were to upgrade to nylon coated steel rollers you would be upgrading to better more quiet rollers. They also make a big difference in the whole way your garage door operates.  Metal rollers operating on metal tracks tend to create a lot of noise. Replacing steel rollers with nylon coated steel rollers will bring the noise level down considerably.

What are the rollers?

The rollers are the objects that are located on the sides of your garage door that move the door up and down. There will be between 10 and 12 rollers on a residential garage door. You can do a visual check on them to see if they are damaged in any way. If the rollers are old, worn or broken, this can affect the function of your garage door as well as opener. Just like if you had bad tires on your car, new rollers will make all the difference in how your garage door and opener functions.

Types of Rollers

There are different types of rollers that you can get (from left to right):


  1. Plastic
  2. Nylon Coated Steel
  3. Steel

We have found that the nylon coated steel rollers work a lot better than the others. Testing has shown that they can last up to 35% longer.  The reason being that they are much quieter than steel and long lasting unlike the plastic rollers. It helps your garage door go up and down much smoother as well. They may cost more than the steel or plastic rollers but in the long run it is most definitely worth it!

Taking caution when installing

You should not replace your own garage door rollers if you do not know what you are doing. Some of the fixtures in which the rollers are attached are under extreme tension and could cause injury to you, even death. We recommend you call our company if you are wanting them replaced. We always come out and give you a free estimate. Our installers do this day in and day out so they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to installing rollers. So just give us a call when you are ready to install your new nylon coated steel rollers, we can help you out!


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door



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