Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Model 8550W

LiftMaster Model 8550W - Garage Door Service and Repair in Plano, TX

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Liftmaster 8550W Features and Specs

Works From Your Phone!

Liftmaster has partnered their myQ feature to be compatible with Apple, Nest,, Google Assistant, and xfinity. You can control your lights, your nest cameras, nest thermostats, gates, and much more with the free MyQ app from Liftmaster.

Belt Drive = Lifetime Warranty

Similar to a camshaft belt, the Liftmaster 8550W utilizes steel mesh inside of a quiet and durable belt. This prevents you from getting the steel on steel grinding, while maintaining the durability and longevity of a chain.

Works Even When the Power Goes Out!

The Liftmaster 8550W includes a battery backup system that kicks in when the power goes out! It uses a 12V DC battery that is always charged and ready, using a continuous trickle charge. This opener uses an audible signal to alert you when the battery is in use. Safety and security features still operate, ensuring protection during a power failure. Backup power also operates the opener for up to 40 full cycles in a 24-hour period.

3/4 HP DC Motor with Lifetime Warranty

This is what separates our belt drive from the rest. Self-lubricating, steel enclosed gears, with self-adjusting force and limits. You can see AND hear the difference! All other openers use exposed plastic gears that wear out every 4 to 8 years. This motor ensures a longer life and smoother operation than any other garage door opener.

Set It to Close Itself Behind You in Case You Forget

This garage door opener features a brand new “TTC” (Time-to-Close) optional feature that can be adjusted to close your door automatically after a predetermined amount of time after each opening in order to ensure that you never forget to close the door behind you. The optional Timer-to-Close (TTC) feature has custom settings anywhere from 1–99 minutes after the door is operated each time. During operation with TTC turned on, the Alert-2-Close warning system provides UL325-compliant audible and visual warnings that the garage door is about to close or remote closing features.

Time and Temperature Display

It features a wall console with a motion sensor that automatically turns the lights on for you, and an LED time and temperature display. The wall console also has an adjustable light time delay. The Liftmaster 8550W is also equipped with an automatic maintenance alert system that scrolls any error codes on the LED display. It even has a lock feature that allows you to lock out anything that is programmed to the unit while you’re away on vacation, or in case of emergency.

Motion Sensing Lights

Two full sized light bulbs turn on automatically turn on when you walk into the garage or operate your garage door.

Other Included Features

It includes rolling code security technology, infrared safety reversing sensors, and 2 multi-function motion-sensing remotes. The Liftmaster 8550W has auto force settings so that the garage door opener adapts to weather and changing environmental conditions, and has internal electronic limit settings. It has a one-piece solid steel T-rail with an automatic belt tensioner on trolley. The new energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode.

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