LED Bulbs and Garage Door Opener Interference

When your garage door opens by itself, or doesn’t close when you click your remote; it’s an uneasy feeling for sure!

LED lights can indeed interfere with garage door openers, but a majority of instances are when an improper bulb is located within the garage.  A list of recommended bulbs for Liftmaster Garage Door Openers can be found HERE.

Standard bulbs over 100W, CFL bulbs over 26W, and Halogen Bulbs can all cause interference.  It’s important to note that LED bulbs can cause interference with remote transmissions as you approach your garage as well, giving the illusion that something is wrong with the opener/motor in the garage when it may in fact be a coincidence that your garage door opener may have just started having issues soon after a neighbor put up their LED lights.  In other words, if you hit your remote button next to a house with a ton of LED lights, it may take a few times for it to register or it may not work at all because the stronger signal usually wins.

The easiest way to tell is to determine if the problem is happening only when you use your handheld remote control, or if it happens whenever you push the wall button inside the garage as well – since the wall button is hardwired to the opener and cannot be interfered with.

We give free estimates, and would be happy to come out and see if we can detect any interference near the garage.  Our senior techs carry Frequency Testers that detect interference.  They’re not perfect but they can often point to what might cause the issue.  Sometimes it turns out to just be a faulty circuit board within the opener-which we can determine by replacing the circuit board (as long as it’s newer than 1998) and seeing if that alleviates the problem.

If that doesn’t work, customers usually elect to install a new Liftmaster 8550W (our bestselling opener!), which operates on a level of Megahertz that is protected by the FCC to prevent any possible interference (it’s the same frequency that the government uses).  You can read more about it here:  https://planooverhead.com/liftmaster-garage-door-opener-model-8550w-details-optional-accessories/

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