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Genie and Liftmaster Couplers

Garage Door Opener Couplers


The coupling is a rubber sleeve that connects the motor unit sprocket to the rail sprocket. Sometimes this can become worn and damaged and needs to be replaced. On most Genie screw drive openers the motor shaft is connected to the rail screw with a coupler. This allows the motor to turn the screw, which moves the trolley to open and close the garage door. Sometimes the coupler wears out and the motor will turn, but the screw doesn’t turn. As a result the door does not open nor close.

The coupler is used for attaching the screw of Genie screw drive rail to the motor head. This coupler is made to break away if the door hits a hard obstruction, thereby protecting the motor. If the motor of the screw drive Genie runs, but the screw is not turning, this coupler needs replaced. For Genie’s with split-rail screw drives, make sure you are looking at the rail screw nearest to the motor to determine the need for replacement. A grinding noise coming from your screw drive Genie or Overhead probably means you need to replace your coupler.

Plano Overhead Garage Door offers three types of couplers.

(1) Genie old version-which is grey color and is approximately ¾ inch wide and 7/8” tall.

(2) Genie new version-which is silver in color and is approximately ¾ inch wide and 1 inch tall.

(3) LiftMaster version-which is approximately 1 ½ inch wide and 1 1/8 inch tall.

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Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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