Ran into Hit Smashed Garage Door Before and After for Website


We’re sure the dog had something to do with it!  But now you’re standing there with smoke coming from your ears wondering “what now?”

Ask yourself these two questions: 1) Was it a minor ding without damaging the tracks, leaving a small dent that can be hammered out?….or, 2) Did you pull a good one, putting a deep bend in the panel(s) or the tracks?

The answers to these questions are simple, the job to fix it not so much.  If you answered #1, you can give a sigh of relief! The damage isn’t major; with patience, knowledge and a few tools you can straighten it out.

If you answered #2, you’re looking at a different scenario.  Or maybe we should say, you’re looking at a new door.  Not replacing it is unsafe and will lead to injury in the very near future.

Good news/bad news:  Bad news is that no matter the level of damage, you’re going to be out time and money.  The good news…We’re here to help you with both!

Plano Overhead Garage Door offers same-day appointments and can send a professionally-trained technician to your home with a fully stocked company truck and take care of your needs, no matter the size of service.  Our 30-minute window of arrival keeps you from wasting valuable time and allows you to get back to what’s important.

Oh, and the money part…We can come out, assess the damage and provide you with a FREE estimate of an honest evaluation on your options.  Also, you can check out our website and take advantage of coupons.

It’s a win-win!




By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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