Fix Your Squeaky Garage Door in Plano, Texas


We all know how annoying it is when you open the garage door and it squeaks and makes a bunch of racket! Well, we here at Plano Overhead Garage Door are here to let you know that you no longer have to put up with that any longer!

Tips on quieting down your garage door

The fixes for a garage door that makes a racket when it opens and closes are actually fairly easy. All it takes is about an hour or so for you to fix the problem and address a few of the culprits. Three of the main reasons why your garage door may be loud are, worn hinges, worn rollers, or the door may need to be lubricated.

Replacing worn hinges

Over the years, the garage door hinges can actually wear out over time and may even be bent. This can cause the hinges to bind and begin to squeak. If you can notice that the hinges or damaged, you will need to get them replaced.



Replacing worn rollers

The most important thing to know is if you are planning to replace rollers yourself; DO NOT replace the bottom two rollers unless you are skilled and knowledgeable in how garage doors work. The two rollers are in the bottom corner brackets which are connected to the cables which are connected to the springs. The springs are under pressure and can be replaced without having to worry about the springs. Check each roller and see if they are rolling freely and there’s no excessive wear.

Garage Door Lube



Making sure that your door is lubricated is the #1 cause of a very annoying, loud, squeaky garage door.  Lubrication is often overlooked seeing as how important it is. simply spray the springs, rollers, hinges, pulleys, and bearings. STAY AWAY from WD40!!! WD40 and other lubricants such as grease, oil, or spray lithium are somewhat cheaper, but they don’t penetrate and tend to pick up dust and grit. Stick with a light chain and cable fluid or garage door lubricant. Do this at least once a year and your garage door will be happy!


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door


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