The Importance of Safety Sensors in Plano, TX

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Garage Door Smashes Watermelon

Why are safety sensors required?

Many homeowners underestimate the power and weight of garage doors. Because the spring holds the majority of its weight, people tend to forget that a garage door is a very heavy and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. Even the most basic garage door could easily cause serious injury or death without proper precautions. Many children, pets, and unsuspecting adults have been seriously injured because of faulty or nonexistent garage door safety sensors. According to their website, between 1982 and 1992, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) received reports of 54 children between the ages of 2 and 14 who died or became seriously injured after becoming entrapped under doors with automatic garage door openers.

Who requires safety sensors?

Safety sensors are a relatively new requirement. Before 1982 there were virtually no requirements for garage door safety; however, after that time, some basic standards were put in place that only addressed a small amount of the safety issues. Over the years, garage door safety has become more and more of a priority. Safety sensors were made a requirement by the CPSC for all garage door openers manufactured on or after January 1, 1993. The entrapment protection requirements are part of a Congressional mandate in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 1990. The CPSC recommends that consumers with automatic garage door openers test the openers according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, to make sure they have a reversing feature.

Infrared Safety Sensors for Garage Door OpenerHow do safety sensors work?

Garage door safety sensors are infrared safety beams (ISB’s) that use infrared light to detect any obstruction under your garage door. These sensors send a signal to your opener unit that something is in the way of the door.  These little square boxes at the bottom of your garage door must be aligned in order for your door to close. Is nothing under your door but it is still reversing? Check to be sure that nothing is blocking the sensors, and try loosening the wing nuts to adjust them.  Sweep the area around the sensors and make sure that nothing on the door or tracks might be obstructing the path of the beam.  Both safety sensors should be lit up a solid color, not flickering or off.  If both lights are lit up on either side, your opener might need to have its’ force settings or travel limits adjusted on the unit.  This is something that a professional should perform.  Routine maintenance can help prevent sensors from coming misaligned due to vibration and loose tracks or hardware on the garage door.

Do you have any questions about or problems with your sensors? As with all garage door/openers, we recommend service once a year. Schedule a tune-up today to ensure that your door and all safety features are working properly. Call our office at 972-422-1695.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Power Outages in Plano, TX

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We have all felt the pains of experiencing the harsh inconveniences that non-automatic garage doors give us. Especially in bad weather, wishing that all we would need is a simple click of a button to open up our garage door. On the other hand, automatic garage doors will likely never go back to a manually opening door. It makes us appreciate the conveniences that an automatic garage door offers, when on the flip-side when we may lose power, it’s highly important to understand some simple tips on how to open a garage door manually in case you need to get out for work or some other emergency.

emergency release

Going into manual mode

Essentially, all garage door openers have what’s called a bypass switch for certain situations such as power outages, or even if a remote opener dies. On almost every door there will be a long rope that hangs that has a red handle on the end. This is called the emergency release cord. This manual release cord disengages the trolley from the attachment point to the rail. Pulling this will now put the garage into manual mode so if the door is up, it might come crashing down. For safety precautions, always disengage to trigger the handle when the door is closed.

Staying in manual mode

The emergency release cord controls the spring attachment in the trolley. If the opener motor is malfunctioning or the power will be out for a long period of time, then you may have to stay in manual mode. Then you want to continually open the garage door in the manual state, it’s always important to pull the red rope down and towards the back of the garage so you can avoid it getting caught in the tracks.

Going back to automatic mode

You will likely want to take full advantage of the conveniences of an automatic door after the power restores in your home. To re-engage the trolley attachment, pull down on the cord towards the garage opening to keep the lever from engaging. This time you will have to pull up on the door until it snaps into place and you’re back in the automatic mode.

Taking precautions

If you find that there may be damage to a cable or the door opens unevenly, make sure to contact us here at Plano Overhead Garage Door to have one of our Garage Door Experts out to your area in no time. Springs and other garage features can be dangerous to work with and doing a DIY project could result in irreversible damage. Our Technicians have the tools and experience at their disposal to repair your garage door opener safely and efficiently.



By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

From Break-in to Back in Order in One Day

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A woman from Allen, Texas called recently, explaining to us just how scary it was to feel insecure in her own home after a break-in.  She had been broken into the night before, and wanted to get her garage door fixed where they had done the damage.  We explained that we could get her garage door fixed the same day, so that it would be one less thing to worry about.

Six second scare!

We followed right along into the conversation by allowing this woman to know it is truly very easy to break into most home garages now days. What she was unaware of, how just in six seconds someone can force themselves inside without hesitancy at all. All that is needed is a coat hanger and a little bit of practice and YouTube videos unfortunately. In reality, statistics show how just on one YouTube video, there were over one million views.  She was astonished to think that some of these viewers could essentially live on a street near you.

break in

What YOU can do to avoid this…

After the conversation calmed down some, we went into specifics to see what we could come up with and brainstorm some ideas together about what her door needs and wants are so we can avoid another future break-in. She had a 16×7 insulated door with window inserts. After finding that out, she went on about how she definitely wants to avoid glass at all cost from now on, no exceptions.  Click here to read our previous blog about what you can do to prevent this.

Different problems; different prices!

She informed me about the discomfort she had about cost so we let her know that the cost to repair a door depends largely on the problem and the type of door. So in some cases, such as debris in the tracks, are fairly inexpensive fixes, while broke panels with window inserts or faulty cables can cost a lot more. I had also informed her that usually, insulated steel doors need to be completely replaced if damaged and since she also had windows; glass repair is likely to involve replacing the complete panel and is worth at least an hour’s labor.

Satisfying your Garage Door wants and needs!

After going over pricing, panels, colors, and so forth, we came to an agreement. Successively setting her up with our uppermost experienced technician, we had sent the tech on his way to a nasty break-in in Allen, which ended the day with a very pleased and yet, another satisfied customer!

Whatever the badly-behaved, problematic, or tricky issue may entail, you can count on us to be there for your needs!


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Liftmaster 975LM Laser Garage Parking Assist

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laser park assist

Liftmaster has the solution for helping you park in your garage ensuring that you don’t hit your garage door. This system is called Laser Garage Parking Assist. It is a system that you hook up in your garage that has a laser beam detector to tell you exactly where to park and when to stop.  This device is ideal for customers with tight fitting SUVs, small garages, and much more.

This system is a very easy install. There are no additional wires needed, as well as, no additional power needed. It connects to IR sensor wires for flexible installation. You can also install 2 per garage door opener in the event that you park two cars side by side- or even to use on two separate cars with separate doors.  We’ve even seen customers who use more than one on a vehicle, but one has proven to be sufficient.


How Does it Work?

Any time the garage door opener is activated, the red light shoots the infrared beam continuously.  Be careful, the laser will stop shining after a minute or so!  If you back up and re-adjust several times, be sure that you cross the safety sensor beam at the opening of the garage- as this will re-activate the red beam.

Installing a Ceiling Laser Park Assist is EASY!

In a nutshell, to install the Liftmaster laser parking assist, all you have to do is mount it to the ceiling and plug the two wires into the ports on your garage door opener.  As long as your garage door opener has infrared safety sensors (the little black boxes at the bottom of the garage opening), then your opener is compatible.

Positioning the Laser Beam

After mounting the Laser Garage Parking Assist, it’s simple to set up and adjust. It helps to have someone there to assist you.  Drive your vehicle into the garage and park in the location you want to park your vehicle each time you pull into your garage. Activate the parking assist locator by obstructing the path of the safety reversing sensors. The laser will emit a pulsing bright red beam. Using the swivel mount, you will aim the red beam to a location on the dash or hood that can easily be seen while seated in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. Just note that the laser will shut off automatically in one minute. If you are not finished adjusting the beam and it shuts off, simply obstruct the path of the safety reversing sensors again to re-activate the beam. Then sit in the driver’s seat and confirm that you can easily see the location of the red beam. This location is now your point of reference for parking your vehicle. These steps are very simple to do, and once you are finished you are ready to go!


Get Rid of That Old Tennis Ball!

The tennis ball on a string is so 1990!  They are extremely unreliable in how they roll across the windshield as you move, they break over time, and you’ll get tired of it hitting you in the face every time you go out to your garage when the garage doesn’t have a car in it!  The 975Lm Laser Garage Parking Assist is a handy tool for a person with a full garage and needs to know exactly where to park so that they don’t hit anything. You can pick one up at our show room located in Plano for $30.00 plus tax. We are open Monday through Friday 8-5:30 and 9-1 on Saturdays, just stop on by and see us!


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Breaking Into Your Garage in 6 Seconds

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A recent episode on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank brought garage security to the attention of millions of American viewers.  An entrepreneur pitched his product that would stop a garage break in, and displayed a video that showed how easy breaking into a garage can be.  The product pitched on the show seems moderately effective at securing a garage door, but it will cost you more money and effort than the steps below, and isn’t currently recommended by any major reputable agencies.

Is it true?  Can someone really break in to your garage in under 6 seconds?

The practice of breaking into a garage using a simple metal coat hanger and a block of wood has been commonly discussed in the garage door repair industry for years, but has become an internet sensation on YouTube and on local news stations in recent months.

Ok. Now take a deep breath…..

First of all, despite what many videos and sites suggest, DO NOT USE A ZIP TIE OR CUT OFF THE RED EMERGENCY RELEASE CORD. Yes, it deters a coat hanger from dis-engaging the garage door opener, but it also prevents anyone from being able to get out of the garage in the event of an emergency or garage door opener malfunction/failure.  Do you want your family to be digging in drawers looking for scissors in the event of a house fire?  Didn’t think so.  Installing a zip-tie is the most common solution you’ll read on the internet, but doing this voids any and all warranties from your manufacturer, installation company, and voids most forms of home owner’s insurance coverage on any accidents associated. Federal Law requires emergency release cords to be installed and maintained on all garage door openers.  Zip Ties are a simple solution, but they are NOT the best solution.


So what CAN you do to stop this?


  1. If you have windows, frost or obscure your garage windows to decrease visibility, especially if they are at the top of the garage door.
  2. Install a garage door monitor on your garage door.  Most modern garage door openers have optional accessories that can be installed that can beep, flash, and even send your smart phone an alert every time your garage door opens.  You can put them on your night stand, in the living room, or anywhere with an electrical outlet within a 25 foot range.
  3. Add a motion detecting light on either side of your garage.  Thieves often take the path of least resistance.
  4. Add a Liftmaster 840LM Motion Sensing Light to the ceiling of your garage.  A cheap, quick way to add light to your garage without needing an electrician.
  5. Replace your bulbs on the garage door opener.
  6. Test your motion sensing function of your garage door opener.  If the lights don’t come on when the door opens manually, you need a newer garage door opener.
  7. Have a security sensor installed by calling your security company.  This sensor works just like the ones on your doors (and/or windows) of your home, and is triggered in the event that the garage is opened while the alarm is set.  Call them and tell them you’d like to have a garage door contact sensor installed on your garage door, they’ll walk you through the process.
  8. Keep large landscaping trimmed to a minimum around the garage area, and avoid leaving out “bait” in the driveway such as an easy to grab kids scooter.  The last thing you want is for your home to stand out as an easy target.
  9. Stay organized.  Does it look like you would notice if they stole it?
  10. Keep the garage door closed during the day, even if you’re at home.
  11. Don’t crack the garage door open  for ventilation.  Invest in a more insulated garage door, attic, and home to save money.  Not only can this let animals and people in, but it’s the most common cause of customers running into their garage door when backing out.  In your rear view mirror the door looks closed, but your husband left it cracked all afternoon.  You hit the button to leave after loading the kids and spilling the coffee on yourself.  You hit the button, put it in reverse, check your iPhone to see how far behind you’re running, and then……bam…….you call Plano Overhead Garage Door because you swore you hit the button (you did, you just needed to do it twice).
  12. Lock the pass door from your garage to your home.  This way they can get into your garage, not your entire home.  Treat your pass door of your garage like your front door!
  13. If you park outside, lock your car, roll your windows all the way up, keep remote controls out of plain sight, and take your keys inside.
  14. Re-program your remotes, keypads, and automobiles once a year.  Did you give that code to the plumber last summer?  Did you have a questionable repair company work on your garage door opener a few years ago?
  15. Add a garage door strut to your top panel.  If your garage door is the original on the home, it likely doesn’t have a reinforcing strut at the top that most companies include with installation these days.  These struts will prevent flexibility in your top garage door panel, and make it harder to enter your garage.
  16. If your garage door opener looks like the one from the video, upgrade!  The opener in the video is close to 20 years old.  Technology on garage door opener carriages has evolved to prevent this exact scenario from happening.  The new, spring loaded carriages are much more difficult to dis-engage than the old flip-down plastic carriages from the 1990s and 2000s.
  17. Install a myQ compatible Liftmaster garage door opener with appropriate accessories so that you can monitor the status of your garage door from your phone, anywhere in the world.
  18. Buy a garage door opener with a Timer-to-Close feature.  This optional Liftmaster feature allows your garage door opener to close automatically after a set period of time.  The majority of the thefts we learn about are from garages that were left open.
  19. Dogs make for great deterrents (but don’t leave them in the garage).
  20. Stay active in your community and consider a community crime watch effort.  Your neighborhood has a reputation, protect it!

If you take the time to follow even just a few of these steps, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of a break-in of your home.  It’s National Garage Safety Month, get out there and do it while it’s still on your mind.  There is no substitute for peace of mind!   Contact Plano Overhead at 972-422-1695 if you would like for us to make your garage more secure!


By Nick McGregor

Garage Door Openers in Plano, TX: Luxury or Necessity?

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Safety Sensor Liability

Safety Beam

If your garage door does not have safety photo eyes at the bottom corners of the garage door, then your garage door opener is no longer in accordance with Federal Law.  In 1993, President Clinton’s administration mandated that all garage door openers be installed with safety reversing sensors.  Most garage door repair companies either refuse to work on these older openers, or refuse to put a warranty on any work performed on them.  Not having updated safety mechanisms is a very dangerous liability in your own home.

Replacement Part Dilemma


Also, the top manufacturer of garage door openers in the world – Liftmaster- has stopped producing ANY replacement parts for garage door openers that were manufactured before 1993.  All other manufacturers are following their initiative.  Time flies, but it’s been over 20 YEARS since these garage door openers were produced!


Features and Convenience of New Garage Door Openers

  • Belt Drive: Quiet, almost undetectable from inside the home.Belt-Drive
  • Phone App:  Control your garage from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.myQClosingmyGarageDoor
  • Battery Backup: Works when you need it most, up to 40 times up and down with no power.BatteryBackup
  • Motion Sensing Lights:  Turn on automatically when you walk into garage.GarageDoorOpenerLights
  • Timer to Close Option:  Automatically closes itself after a set time to be sure you don’t leave it open.TimertoClose
  • Time and Temperature: Keep track of time, and see how hot it really is in that Texas garage.TimeandTemp
  • DC Motor: Smooth, Efficient, and Durable.DCMotor

Click HERE to learn more about the garage door openers that Plano Overhead Garage Door installs.

So how do we answer our original question?

The garage door opener is a necessity to almost all of us, therefore we should treat it as a luxury.  You never know when an appliance is going to give up on you, and there’s nothing worse than feeling trapped at home or being locked out.  We spend thousands of dollars replacing or upgrading cellphones and televisions, but often run our garage door openers until they quit altogether.

Go outside and take a look at that old garage door opener, wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade it?  Wouldn’t a quiet belt drive, a battery backup system, wireless phone control from the office, knowing the time and temperature, and having a safety reverse system be worth the investment?  Come by our showroom see what a garage door opener is supposed to look like!

By Nick McGregor

Garage Door Opener Safety

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Liftmaster has kicked off a safety campaign this month in order to inform consumers about what to do when it comes to garage safety.  Their “Don’t Chance it, Check It” initiative intends to raise awareness about garage door opener safety.

An estimated 1 in every 15 garage door openers lacks the safety features required by federal law on all garage doors installed since 1992.

Safety Beam Don't Chance It Check It

3-Step Safety Check

Liftmaster recommends for all homeowners, regardless of the age or brand.  Following the 3 steps below can ensure proper safety and longevity of your garage door opener.

1. Check the sides of your garage door.  Look for properly installed photo-eyes (black sensors, or Infrared Safety Beams), mounted no higher than 6 inches off the floor.  This is important because you want the safety beam to transmit in the most effective range possible.

2.  Test the safety sensors.  Block the photo-eye with an object of at least 6 inches in height, and press the garage door opener’s close button.  The door should not close after doing so.  If the garage door closes, this is a very bad sign, as your garage door will not reverse or stop properly in the event that your sensors become obstructed.

3.  Check the sensitivity.  Lay a 1.5 inch-high object on the ground in the door’s path.  A block of wood, or paper towel roll is usually sufficient.  Press the close button.  The garage door should reverse off of this object.  If the garage door opener does not reverse the garage door, you need to consider a safety inspection from your local garage door experts.  If the garage door slams shut, doesn’t reverse, or continues to run and push downward until you press the button again; you need to get the garage door and opener checked out by professionals.  It’s important to remember that safety sensors are the SECOND line of defense.  If the opener is not adjusted properly, the safety sensors may not be sufficient enough to prevent an accident.

Be sure to check your garage door and opener when you check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  In other words, be sure to run a safety check- or have preventative maintenance performed- every 6 months.

Check the Door From Ceiling to Floor

  • Maintenance.  Be sure to keep all the moving parts of the garage door and opener clean and lubricated, including the steel rollers.
  • Balance.  Start with the door closed, and put the garage door into manual mode by pulling the emergency release cord.  If the garage door is properly balanced, it should remain open at the half-way point without falling to the bottom or opening by itself to the top.   The door should also be smooth and easy to operate.  You shouldn’t have to struggle to open the garage door manually by hand.
  • Prepare for Weather.  Once you lose power, you lose control of your garage door opener.  There’s nothing worse than coming home and not being able to get in in a hailstorm.  Having a battery backup system installed with your garage door opener ensures up to 40 cycles opening and closing without power.
  • Organize, Clean, and Protect.  Avoid storing flammable or hazardous materials in the garage.  Pool chemicals, lawn chemicals, and gas cans accelerate the corrosion of steel objects.  If this is unavoidable, keep a fire extinguisher handy.  Also, keep everything clean to prevent build-up.  Staying organized is also important.  Using shelves, hooks, and having designated places for shovels and kids toys would prevent about a third of garage door damages.

Liftmaster Master Dealer Provantage

Contact a local certified Liftmaster Dealer today to learn more.  For a Free Safety Check in the North Dallas or Collin County Area (Plano, Richardson, Allen, Frisco, Wylie, Murphy, McKinney, Dallas, Garland); call Plano Overhead Garage Door at 972-422-1695, or visit our website at to request a Free Estimate!

By Nick McGregor

Garage Door Repair: Plano, Texas

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Plano Garage Door Repair

Let’s face it, we’re in the age of Do-It-Yourself.  Well, at least attempting to do it ourselves until we hit the point of no return and have to call an expert (myself included).  And Plano is no exception to this mentality.  Sayings such as “There’s an app for that”, “I’ll Figure it Out”, and “Google It” have become the norm across all generations in the United States. What many Plano residents don’t know is that garage door repair is considered by many contractors as the most dangerous home repair.  We have many contractors, re-modelers, and handymen that actually refer their clients to us because they know how dangerous the largest moving part in your home can be.  Handymen will work on your heating and air conditioning system, plumbing, and electricity; but often won’t touch your garage door springs.  What does that tell you?

Unfortunately, to the naked eye most garage door repairs “Look Easy on YouTube”.  Installing garage door openers purchased at home improvement stores, trying to weld metal to existing garage door structures, replacing broken garage door springs, and trying to adjust the sensitivity settings and travel limits are the most common situations we run in to with our Plano, Texas residents.  Always call a garage door repair company when it comes to working on garage doors, garage door springs, garage door openers, or any electronics in relation to a your garage.  There are hundreds of sites that give great information and instructions on different aspects of garage door repairs.  Lubricating certain parts of your garage door system up to four times per year can be done on your own, but the rest should be done by experienced and professionally trained garage door service technicians.

Duct Tape Garage Door, Garage Door Repair Plano TexasYes that is duct tape.  No, it does not work!

From over 37 years of experience we know that proper and routine maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener can double, or even triple, their life expectancy.  Below you will find a list of the basic components of our standard service for Plano residents.

At Every Garage Door Repair in Plano Texas, We:

  • Perform a Comprehensive Safety Inspection
  • Adjust and Inspect all Moving Parts
  • Lubricate all Working Parts with Appropriate Lithium Grease, Silicone, and WD-40
  • Balance Garage Door by Adjusting Torsion Spring Tension
  • Adjust and Test the Force Sensitivity Settings
  • Adjust and Test the Up and Down Travel Limits
  • Test and Adjust Infrared Safety Reversing System
  • Fully Inspect all Parts and Components and Document Problems, and Deterioration
  • Give an Overall Honest Opinion of the Condition of the Components
  • Leave a Written Summary and Invoice That Includes Your Warranty Information, Suggested Service, and Results of Our Repair and/or Service

Everything listed above is included in our garage door repairs, and we have never believed in adding on charges for service calls, additional labor, taxes, or extended service.  Please do not wait until something breaks to have your garage door repaired, and never do it yourself unless you absolutely have to.  It’s not that you cannot do it, it’s that you really shouldn’t.  Investing in professional maintenance can save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of a home.  So if you’re in Plano, and have been thinking about doing any of the things above on your own, do us both a favor and pick up the phone.  We’d love the chance to earn your business and show you our expertise!

By Nick McGregor

840LM Garage Motion Sensor Light with Wall Switch

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Liftmaster 840LM Motion Sensor Garage Light Product Image

Liftmaster has introduced a brand new product that stands to change mancaves, garages, closets, and attics forever.  The new 840LM 4′ Garage Light is a simple solution for one of the most common shortcomings about the inside of a garage, attic, or closet.  You just can’t see anything, it’s just too dark!

If you look online, you’ll see hundreds of light fixtures that offer plug in compatibility, but most are either cheaply made, aren’t exactly what you were looking for, offer only one florescent light bulb, or cost way too much money.  Enter the Liftmaster 840LM 4′ Garage Light.

840LM Garage Light

With a motion sensor built in to the light fixture, you never have to worry about finding that light switch, or balancing all your work things with your kids’ school materials like a game of Jenga just to be able to see what you’re doing.  Many closets are left without light- in which we commonly buy those battery powered LED lights that just don’t do the trick at all.  And although many garage door openers now come with motion sensing lights, you can barely even tell that your garage door opener lights are on when the 840LM kicks on.

The construction is very well done, and is aimed at simplicity of install.  The metal fixtures and sturdy steel outer mounting clips are a nice touch to a previously neglected area of plug-in lighting.  Screw 2 lagbolts into studs, or 2 toggle bolts (or 30lb screw/anchors) through the ceiling, attach the mounting clips to the light, plug it in, and you’re done.  You can either poke a hole in the ceiling above the light, or run the cord with supplied cord clips to tidy up the job (and paint the cord if needed).  There’s no splicing, no concerns about breakers, and you don’t need any electrical knowledge.  The 8′ power cord is long enough to reach 3/4 of the way across most standard two-car garages.  If you can hang a picture on the wall, you can mount the 840LM Garage Light with no problem.

It comes with two 4′ florescent bulbs, making it appear as if it were a professionally installed permanent commercial light fixture.  With two T8, 32watt, and 4,100K, there’s no need to worry about whether it will be put out enough light- it will.  The sleek black design, with an opaque cover really gives it a professional and finished look straight out of the box.

840LM Garage Light Wall Button

There is also a wireless, battery operated push button that you can mount anywhere on the wall or table close to the light fixture- without having to run wires or worry about having an electrician run power to and/or install a switch.  You can disable the light as needed with the wall button, and the lights will also go out by themselves after 5 minutes with no motion.

Although cost has not yet been disclosed, we can guarantee that this garage light is going to be worth the money.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see your tools, that label on the box at the back of your closet, be able to actually see when you’re in the attic, or to have a light on your porch that comes on as somebody approaches your front or back door?  You will be amazed at how much nicer- and safer- a garage, closet, or porch can be simply by adding a little light.  Not to mention, it makes garages a safer place and inspires a little spring cleaning and organization!  This is one of the easiest things that you’ll be able to cross of your honey-do or Do-It-Yourself list!  In less than 15 minutes you can honestly transform an entire room.

What are you waiting for, try it out!

By Nick McGregor

Garage Door Safety

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Safety Image

Not many people realize that the largest moving and most dangerous object in their home is actually their garage door.  Not many of us think about the garage door until it won’t open when we’re trying to get to work that dreadful Monday, or when it won’t close when we’re trying to get to our daughters’ soccer playoff game.  The truth is that a majority of homeowners in the United States have come to rely on the garage door as their primary source of entry when the come and go.  The garage door has become the front door for most American families.

Why is this important?  Being the largest, most dangerous, and sometimes most neglected part of your home is not an ideal combination.  Garage door safety has come a long ways in the past 60 years, but routine  maintenance can prevent a major headache from happening to you.  Here are a few tips regarding garage door safety for your home.

Re-code your garage door remotes when you move to your new home.  You changed your front door locks didn’t you?  It is very simple and only takes a few seconds to make sure that none of the old neighbors or tenants have access to your garage.  This is also a great time to schedule your first maintenance to familiarize yourself with the condition of your garage door and opener.

Keep the tracks clear of obstructions.  Brooms, shovels, shelves, trash cans….you name it.  It doesn’t take much to throw a cable off of your garage door if something is caught on one side of the rails inside your garage.  Make sure that you family knows the importance of making sure that that tricycle, motorcycle, or car bumper can really get damaged if they are left in the way of a closing garage door.

Never override the safety sensors.  If you have to hold down the wall button to close your garage door, or if your door reverses; you need to schedule service immediately.  This  usually indicates that your safety sensors are out of alignment, and would fail to prevent the door from closing on your vehicle, a child, or a pet.  The garage door opener is reversing because it is telling you that it can no longer sense whether something is blocking the beam any longer because the sensors are out of alignment.

Never allow children to play in the garage unsupervised.  It is very important to be sure that you explain to your children the importance of understanding how dangerous a garage door can be.  Explain to your children how to use the garage door and garage door opener properly and safely.  Fingers can get pinched, and there are many sharp objects along the inside of the garage door itself.  Make sure that your family knows to never touch any of the moving parts at any time.

Stop running under your garage door as you close it!  If you don’t have a remote to operate the door, it is never safe to attempt to press the wall button and run out quickly underneath he garage door.

Proper instruction and education can make your garage a safer place!  If you have questions about garage door safety, make sure to consult your local professional.

By Nick McGregor


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