Dealing with Garage Door Damage in Plano, TX

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Dents in your garage door can be aggravating and bothersome. Repairing dents on garage doors can become an item on your to-do list many times in one year. Aluminum or steel garage doors dent rather east, and with your kids playing around in close proximity, it is almost bound to happen for sure. Sometimes even just bumping against them or pushing against them can create that one annoying and inconvenient dent that will make it look less appealing. While there are many tips and tricks to bring out a dent on a garage door, it can be tedious and quite dangerous if you have not done it before.

Dented Garage Door

When it comes to Dents and Dings

Here at Plano Overhead Garage Door, we do our best to repair bent and dented panels using hand tools and reinforcing struts to prevent further damage.  The scope of the repair can depend on severity and replacing the panel may be your only option if there are too many big dents involved. Creases in the panel are often detrimental, as they can cause splits and folding throughout the panel.  One of our highly proficient technicians can best instruct you of your less expensive options, or give you a fair-minded price on a new garage door.


For pretty small dents that appear on your garage door, hitting the door from behind it may bring out part of the dent. Then with some 12-grid sandpaper, you then need to sand it down a tad to get it prepared for using a body filler. Then after you wait about an hour or so for it to dry, you then will proceed to sand it down once more. After it is sanded down to a flush feel, then you are ready to prime the area, let that dry, and proceed to paint.

Being on the look-out

When you are in the state of deciding whether you should repair a garage door, make sure that you have the skills and know exactly what you are doing. Garage doors are heavy and can be very dangerous when you are trying to do the job yourself. Also keep in mind, be on the look-out for people that say they can do it for a few bucks and but actually don’t have the skills to fix the problem with your garage door.  Anyone can give it a shot, but sometimes that just makes things worse.

Making the right choice!

You can now rest easy knowing you can stop with the confusion of pricing, to-do lists and know now you can come to us here at Plano Overhead Garage Door and avoid accidents, overpricing, and not have to worries of having an improper installation or repair done on your garage door. We know there is more to the job than just the door itself, but rather making sure the remote, track and springs are also appropriately working together as a garage door opens and closes.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Replacing Weather Seal

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weather seal

Weather seal is located on the bottom of all residential garage doors, and is usually the first component on the door that goes bad over time.   With much of the garage door being steel, the vinyl plastic weather seal usually shrinks at the corners, tears, hardens, and eventually just doesn’t do its’ job.  The steel components might last for 10, 20, even 30 years; but the vinyl plastic seal at the bottom definitely will not.  Here are a few reasons on why you should replace your weather seal on your garage door:

  1. Dust
  2. Leaves
  3. Rodents/Snakes
  4. Ants
  5. Weather
  6. Money


Dust is a major reason why you should change the weather seal on your garage door. It keeps the dust and dirt from outside your door from getting into your garage. So if you are storing important things in your garage you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing dust debris all over your stuff.


We all know what it’s like in the fall when the leaves start falling off of the trees. They are all over your yard and then if you leave your garage door up they get in there also. Well if you don’t change the weather seal on your garage door, even if it’s closed, you will still see leaves gathering in your garage over time. The weather seal provides a barrier on the bottom so that the leaves can’t seep into your garage. Once again this also keeps your valuables that you might keep in your garage from having leaves and sticks all over them.

Snake on Garage Door Tracks

Rodents and Snakes

The picture above was taken by one of our installers in Plano, Texas.  If you look closely, you will see that the weather seal on the bottom of the garage door is missing at the end due to shrinkage over time.  So not only did the customer have a snake in their garage, but the tail of the snake actually caused the garage door to come off of it’s tracks and damage the garage door.  The snake had coiled around the drum at the top corner of the door because it gets warm over time with usage.  Bad place to be.  When the garage door opens, the cable coils around that drum.  Once the snake was removed, the customer gladly elected to have new weather seal installed on her garage door!

This I know can be a gross topic, but rodents and snakes do get into your garage. We have seen mice, opossums, snakes, stray cats, geckos, If you don’t keep the weather seal good on the bottom of your garage door, those rodents can definitely get into your garage. Which in turn they may get into your house! Not only that but they also like to tear up wiring and what not that is also a safety hazard for your home. They can get into the wiring for your garage door opener motor, and the cable and drum system that operated the door and really mess things up. That’s why important you keep your weather seal good on your garage door.

Ants/Other Insects

When you start talking about rodents your think well most of them are big so if there’s a little gap at the bottom they can’t get in. This might be true but it won’t stop ants or other small insects such as spiders from coming right on in! If you keep your weather seal in good condition even small insects like ants can’t come in your garage. Once they get in your garage you could be in all kinds of trouble. Especially if they are able to get into your home. Then they get in your food supply and things like that.


A proper seal at the bottom of your garage door will prevent air, rain, snow, and wind from causing problems inside your garage.  Wet floors in the garage can be extremely slippery, and the Texas heat can be brutal.


You can save thousands of dollars over the span of the life of your garage door by preventing the elements from getting inside.   Moisture causes corrosion and rust- which is detrimental for all the metal parts on a garage door.  Weather seal will also help you save money on your electric bill.  It is also a relief when you don’t have to worry about everything in the garage getting nasty.  Once everything gets that first layer of dust due to a lack of barrier, there’s no turning back.

Broken Window

If you get a crack in your window, you replace the window don’t you?  If you are a do it yourself kind of person, we sell a variety of garage door weather seals for a wide range of applications and on a wide range of brands and styles of garage doors.  If you haven’t serviced your garage door in the past year, we recommend setting up a service call, that way you can get your one year warranty on labor.  Also, since we’re already at your home, we only charge the cost of the part to install it for you!  Give us a call today, we’re here to help!   972-422-1695


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

From Break-in to Back in Order in One Day

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A woman from Allen, Texas called recently, explaining to us just how scary it was to feel insecure in her own home after a break-in.  She had been broken into the night before, and wanted to get her garage door fixed where they had done the damage.  We explained that we could get her garage door fixed the same day, so that it would be one less thing to worry about.

Six second scare!

We followed right along into the conversation by allowing this woman to know it is truly very easy to break into most home garages now days. What she was unaware of, how just in six seconds someone can force themselves inside without hesitancy at all. All that is needed is a coat hanger and a little bit of practice and YouTube videos unfortunately. In reality, statistics show how just on one YouTube video, there were over one million views.  She was astonished to think that some of these viewers could essentially live on a street near you.

break in

What YOU can do to avoid this…

After the conversation calmed down some, we went into specifics to see what we could come up with and brainstorm some ideas together about what her door needs and wants are so we can avoid another future break-in. She had a 16×7 insulated door with window inserts. After finding that out, she went on about how she definitely wants to avoid glass at all cost from now on, no exceptions.  Click here to read our previous blog about what you can do to prevent this.

Different problems; different prices!

She informed me about the discomfort she had about cost so we let her know that the cost to repair a door depends largely on the problem and the type of door. So in some cases, such as debris in the tracks, are fairly inexpensive fixes, while broke panels with window inserts or faulty cables can cost a lot more. I had also informed her that usually, insulated steel doors need to be completely replaced if damaged and since she also had windows; glass repair is likely to involve replacing the complete panel and is worth at least an hour’s labor.

Satisfying your Garage Door wants and needs!

After going over pricing, panels, colors, and so forth, we came to an agreement. Successively setting her up with our uppermost experienced technician, we had sent the tech on his way to a nasty break-in in Allen, which ended the day with a very pleased and yet, another satisfied customer!

Whatever the badly-behaved, problematic, or tricky issue may entail, you can count on us to be there for your needs!


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Emergency Resolved: Hit Garage Door in Allen

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A customer in Allen was very upset that she accidentally ran into her door. It was bent and she didn’t know what to do, so she called us and made an appointment that same day for a technician to come out and see what needed to be done.

When the technician arrived at the customer’s house he informed her that she was going to need the bottom panel on her door replaced. And since we have our own warehouse in Plano, the technician was able to go and grab the panel and fix it that same day. Once the technician was done the customer was so relieved to know that we were there to help when it was an emergency.

Our technicians are always prepared.  We can repair almost any garage door problem on the spot, and can replace entire garage door systems the same day in most cases.  We know that your time is important, and our company makes sure that we’re prepared to get you fixed in a hurry.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Helping Customers With Broken Garage Door Springs in Allen, TX

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An example: Broken Spring in Allen, TX

Spring Replacement Nick

A customer called Plano Overhead Garage Door in a panic because their car was stuck in their garage and they didn’t know what to do. Through process of elimination we were able to determine that the customer’s torsion spring was broken. When the torsion springs break you are unable to open your garage door.

The technician went to the customer’s home in Allen and explained to them that over time, with wear and tear, torsion springs will eventually break. The technician continued to explain that we offer a lifetime warranty on our springs, so that way next time when the customer’s springs break she won’t have to pay for the part. Our technician was able to complete this task in under an hour and the customer was able to use their door again after we were done.

Fixing a broken spring is extremely dangerous, but as long as it is done by a professional; it is a painless process.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Sagging Chain? Could be Your Gear Kit Going Bad

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What is a Gear Kit?


Gear Kit

A gear kit is the driving mechanism that exists in most builder grade garage door openers.  On cheaper models, this drive gear is made of nylon plastic and tends to wear out roughly every 5 to 10 years.  In order to learn more about garage door openers that utilize steel encased, self-lubricating gears, click here!

The Motor Runs, but Nothing Happens!

Once the gears wear down enough, the teeth actually no longer touch each other, thus making the opener not turn at all.

Sagging Chain

An Example of What We Do to Fix It

One customer in Frisco was really depending on our technician to come out and help. When our technician arrived, he was able to see that the customer’s chain was off the sprocket on top of their garage door, causing the chain to droop lower than usual in their garage. If the chain happens to come off of the opener it will not function properly. It won’t be able to open or shut even if you hear the motor running. One reason that this occurs is from the gear kit on the opener wearing down over time.  There are many parts of a gear kit that can break over time, causing the opener to fail.

The technician was able to assist the customer with no problem. He had all the tools and parts he needed on his truck, replaced her gear kit, and was able to get the chain back on.  He got the opener up and running in no time. He reset all of the force and sensitivity settings, lubricated everything, and serviced the garage door as well.  This Frisco customer was very thankful for a job well done.

By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

Customer Goes From Off Track to Working in Less Than an Hour in Plano, Texas!

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A Recent Job in Plano Involving an Off Track Garage Door:


The customer at one home in Plano was very upset to find that their garage door was off track in the opening, so they called us to make sure it was fixed in a jiffy. Our service technician went to their home in Plano and was able to fix the problem in no time.

We were able to tell that the customer’s steel roller was off track from the cable being off due to non lubrication and a lack of service over time. Rollers on garage doors need lubrication on them to ensure that they work properly. Our technician then explained to the customer what the problem was, and explain how to prevent it in the future.

From phone call to payment, this Plano resident was done with the process in less than an hour!

By Nick McGregor

Defining Your Target Audience and Service Area as a Business: An Example from the Garage Door Repair Business

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It seems pretty easy.  If a customer calls, you take care of their needs.  However, learning which customer is right for your business can take your company to the next level.

If we, at Plano Overhead Garage Door, were to accept every customer that called in, we would actually be doing them a DIS-service.  It is extremely important to realize that ethical business practice includes the ability to pass certain customers on to your competitors that can better suit their needs over time.  Thinking in the best interest of your customers will reflect on fundamental ethics at the core of your business model, especially in regards to the service and repair industry.  The best example for our business is the fact that we refer an average of 5 to 10 Commercial jobs to a local company in Plano.  We know that he is better suited for our customers’ needs, and we know that Commercial jobs are not our bread-and-butter (or our cup of tea).


Garage Door Repair Customers

Realize Your Customer Base

If the bulk of your customers are in a certain area, or if you tend to get a lot of quality business in certain areas, you might consider this to be your customer base.  The needs of your customers absolutely must line up with the abilities of your garage door repair company.  If you are best at installing residential garage doors, make sure that you accept and target a customer base that reflects your capabilities.  If you can get the best prices on retail parts in your area, cater to retail customers and consider opening up a storefront.  Defining your target audience, and aligning yourself with your customer base is extremely important.


Garage Door Repair Opportunity

Opportunity Cost

Two one hour jobs within your defined service area can be much more profitable than one two hour job outside your service area.  It can be tempting to take that big job that’s 30 miles away, but consider the fact that the demand for services is extremely volatile.  Choosing to chase a job off the beaten path to keep your guys busy is a great way to end up with nobody around once the phones start ringing off the hook.  Evaluate what you will be giving up in order to achieve a specific task, and whether it makes since to do one thing versus the potential gains from another.  All this being said, it’s worth noting that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  There is a very complex methodology to the balance between keeping technicians busy, but leaving just enough room for incoming business.  The companies that last are the ones that have learned to keep their technicians busy all day, while not having to turn down their bread-and-butter customers.


Garage Door Repair Customer Service

Be Considerate to Your Customer

Many start-up companies have a hard time turning away customers that aren’t within their customer base.  It has taken almost 40 years for us at Plano Overhead Garage Door to expand to a service area of roughly 500 square miles, and we have 8 full-time service technicians.  Our company has stayed true to it’s roots and referred jobs from outside our service area or expertise to other companies since day 1.  If you cannot provide reliable service to a customer the same day that they request it, then you shouldn’t be greedy.  Same day service is something that has kept us in business, as well as the ability to address warranty issues within a few hours of initial calls- regardless of how busy our phones may be.  If you don’t leave room to schedule repairs of broken garage door springs, your customers will likely be trapped in their garage and be forced to call other companies.  Certain garage door repair jobs just cannot wait.  Be flattered and grateful that these customers chose your company, but remember to do what’s right for the customer- not just yourself.  You can either equip yourself to be available at all times with proper staffing, preparation, scheduling, efficiency, and so on; or choose to allow your competitors to capture a portion of your potential revenue.


Garage Door Repair Costs

Evaluate Your Costs

How much are you willing to spend to acquire certain customers?  How much excess cost would be associated with expanding your average job by 5 miles?  Is it worth the cost of gas, materials, human capital, wages, time, and effort?  Does it make sense to go after those customers that are outside your target service area?  What type of jobs and associated costs are involved with different types of customers, or different cities?


Garage Door Repair Competitor

Consider Your Competitors

How competitive is the region in which your customers are coming from?  If you grow in a particular area, are you likely to get snuffed out by a larger competitor?  Is there any advantage to supplying your competitor with customers that you can refer to them in order to concentrate your own efforts?


Garage Door Repair Service Area

Draw it Out

Put it on paper.  Draw a line.  If you don’t have a defined service area, it can become tricky when it comes to communication within your company.  There is nothing worse that promising a customer your services, only to tell them down the road that you cannot take care of what they have asked from you.

From our experience….draw the line in pencil.  Business is an ecosystem, always evolving.


Call Plano Overhead Garage Door with any garage door repair needs in the Allen, Frisco, Garland, Plano, Murphy, Richardson, Wylie, Dallas, McKinney, or surrounding North Dallas areas.    972-422-1695

By Nick McGregor


Garage Door Repair: Plano, Texas

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Plano Garage Door Repair

Let’s face it, we’re in the age of Do-It-Yourself.  Well, at least attempting to do it ourselves until we hit the point of no return and have to call an expert (myself included).  And Plano is no exception to this mentality.  Sayings such as “There’s an app for that”, “I’ll Figure it Out”, and “Google It” have become the norm across all generations in the United States. What many Plano residents don’t know is that garage door repair is considered by many contractors as the most dangerous home repair.  We have many contractors, re-modelers, and handymen that actually refer their clients to us because they know how dangerous the largest moving part in your home can be.  Handymen will work on your heating and air conditioning system, plumbing, and electricity; but often won’t touch your garage door springs.  What does that tell you?

Unfortunately, to the naked eye most garage door repairs “Look Easy on YouTube”.  Installing garage door openers purchased at home improvement stores, trying to weld metal to existing garage door structures, replacing broken garage door springs, and trying to adjust the sensitivity settings and travel limits are the most common situations we run in to with our Plano, Texas residents.  Always call a garage door repair company when it comes to working on garage doors, garage door springs, garage door openers, or any electronics in relation to a your garage.  There are hundreds of sites that give great information and instructions on different aspects of garage door repairs.  Lubricating certain parts of your garage door system up to four times per year can be done on your own, but the rest should be done by experienced and professionally trained garage door service technicians.

Duct Tape Garage Door, Garage Door Repair Plano TexasYes that is duct tape.  No, it does not work!

From over 37 years of experience we know that proper and routine maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener can double, or even triple, their life expectancy.  Below you will find a list of the basic components of our standard service for Plano residents.

At Every Garage Door Repair in Plano Texas, We:

  • Perform a Comprehensive Safety Inspection
  • Adjust and Inspect all Moving Parts
  • Lubricate all Working Parts with Appropriate Lithium Grease, Silicone, and WD-40
  • Balance Garage Door by Adjusting Torsion Spring Tension
  • Adjust and Test the Force Sensitivity Settings
  • Adjust and Test the Up and Down Travel Limits
  • Test and Adjust Infrared Safety Reversing System
  • Fully Inspect all Parts and Components and Document Problems, and Deterioration
  • Give an Overall Honest Opinion of the Condition of the Components
  • Leave a Written Summary and Invoice That Includes Your Warranty Information, Suggested Service, and Results of Our Repair and/or Service

Everything listed above is included in our garage door repairs, and we have never believed in adding on charges for service calls, additional labor, taxes, or extended service.  Please do not wait until something breaks to have your garage door repaired, and never do it yourself unless you absolutely have to.  It’s not that you cannot do it, it’s that you really shouldn’t.  Investing in professional maintenance can save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of a home.  So if you’re in Plano, and have been thinking about doing any of the things above on your own, do us both a favor and pick up the phone.  We’d love the chance to earn your business and show you our expertise!

By Nick McGregor

Garage Door Repair: Finding a Dependable, Ethical, & Affordable Company

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Good Better Best Garage Door Repair

Let’s face it.  Finding a garage door repair company is like trying to buy a house.  It’s time consuming, overwhelming, and you’re most likely up against a deadline.  The garage door has evolved into the front door of entry for the majority of Americans.  This is great, however, people are beginning to realize more and more that they need to maintenance their garage doors to prevent being “locked out” or “trapped in”.  The garage door is the largest working mechanism in every home, however it is usually near the bottom of most “Honey-Do” and routine home maintenance priorities.  Garage door and opener issues seem to always happen when we’re trying to get to the airport, late for a meeting, it’s raining outside, and so on.  Who has the time to evaluate a company when they can’t get in or out of their garage?  The truth is, that many of us are inclined to go with the first choice we see, or the company that looks reputable.  This can be beneficial, however, there are many factors and questions that you can ask to assure that you’re getting a good garage door repair company.

Advertising Choices for Garage Door Repair

The landscape of advertising has changed more drastically in the past 10 years than in the history of capitalism.  There are thousands of search engines, review sites, and social media sites; not to mention ALL of the old forms of advertising still exist.  So how do you choose between Electronic, Paper, Radio, TV, and other forms of marketing?  Find what works for you.  A reputable company will have established enough of a presence on most mediums of advertising, and you’ll likely be able to find them.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp are among the largest and often most well-rounded places to find a company.  Let’s look at some of the more obvious or external factors that can help you find the right company.

If a company has  a gimmicky word in their name- there’s likely a reason, and it’s probably not a good one.  Terms like “A1”,  “Affordable”, “Action”, “Dependable”, “Reliable”, and “Best” can be marketing ploys to grab your attention.  Be weary of any garage door repair companies that operate under vague names as well, such as “Garage Door Services” or “Repair Garage Doors”.  Make sure that the company you decide on hasn’t changed names, and has a long history of business.  Bankruptcy and name changing is higher now than ever, since the internet has made it easier for ‘Hermit Crab’ garage door repair companies to switch ‘Shells’ once they get a bad reputation or are unsuccessful.  More than one number or address for the same company can be a bad sign, and s actually frowned upon by search engines.

Whether it’s in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, or in suburbs like Plano, Frisco, Allen, Garland, McKinney, or Richardson, Texas; the following questions can help you choose a quality, dependable, affordable, and ethical garage door repair company. In our economic times price can often be our primary concern, but remember that you’re getting a service- not just a product.  If a garage door repair company is hesitant to answer the following questions, or gives you a result you weren’t hoping for- keep searching.  There really are affordable, reliable, and ethical companies that would love to earn your business.  

Garage Door Repair Checklist

Here’s what you should consider asking:

  • Who does your neighbor, friends, family recommend?  Collaborating can save you a lot of effort!
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are their reviews like online?
  • Do they give free written estimates in person?
  • Do they use subcontractors, or trained professionals?
  • How do they schedule appointments?  Are they dependable, or are they half-day time-frames?
  • How quickly can they respond to you?
  • Do they display or provide customer testimonials?
  • Are they locally owned and operated, or corporately structured?
  • Are they insured?
  • What percentage of their jobs are completed while on site, versus chasing or ordering parts?
  • What is their warranty on labor?
  • What forms of payment do they accept?
  • Do they sound professional on the phone?
  • Do their technicians have credit card machines?
  • Do they have a storefront or permanent location, or are they a “tailgate operation”?
  • What is their service area?
  • What are their warranties on products?
  • How responsive are they?

The truth is that these questions can be useful towards any service company.  You wouldn’t buy a car without researching it online and test driving it would you?  Hopefully not.  Knowing what to ask can help you choose based on what the company DOES, rather than what the company SAYS or APPEARS.

To learn more about how to find the right garage door repair company for your needs, use these sites to get helpful hints, to ask questions, or to have routine updates on garage door repair topics:


By Nick McGregor

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    -Steve J.    Frisco, TX
  • August 8, 1997:

    "I appreciate the fast service.  It's great to find a company I can rely on.  I'll recommend you every chance I get!"

    Stephany R.   Richardson, TX
  • January 5, 2012:

    "It is great to find a local company that you can depend upon.  I will definitely recommend your company to others who may have problems with their garage door."

    -Christina L.     Allen, TX
  • October 31, 2014:

    "About as good an experience as you can get, the installer was professional about his business, showed up on time, and completed the job in the time estimated."

    -Mark M.     Frisco, TX
  • August 19, 2014:

    "Plano Overhead Garage Door runs their business the way consumers wish all businesses were run.  They are simply a premier service provider."

    -Arlene M.    Plano, TX
  • January 6, 2017:

    "Scheduling was very responsive both via email and over the phone.  They were very professional and timely during the install, and even programmed my vehicles to the garage door opener before leaving.  I will continue to hire Plano Overhead Door in result of my experience today and will highly recommend them to my neighbors!"

    -Jon M.    Plano, TX
  • June 17, 2014:

    "Punctual, knowledgeable, and fast."

    -Dawn H.    Richardson, TX
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