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Laser Park Assist (Liftmaster 975LM)


It’s usually a “he did it/she did it” when it comes to admitting (or not) pulling too far into the garage and hitting the wall, or NOT pulling far enough in and the garage door closes on it.  Another good one: backing out of the garage THINKING the door was raised.  Trust me, we’ve heard all stories.  But you know things happen, right? We’re human.

The solution:  a LiftMaster LASER PARKING ASSIST.  The best thing since sliced bread (well, almost).  An installation without requiring an electrician, you simply adjust the direction of the laser to hit the dash of your vehicle, letting you know when to stop.

The laser Parking Assist is now available for purchase at our showroom in Plano, or if you’d prefer, we will come out and install it for you!  At a retail of $40, the parking assist can literally save relationships, along with the condition of your garage or door!



Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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