Should I Replace my Jambs When Having a New Garage Door Installed?

Wooden Jambs

Jambs are not something you notice during your daily routine of getting in the car, backing out of the garage, closing the door and leaving.  You just want to make sure the door goes down!

When you get a moment, take a look at the door jambs to see what condition they’re in.


What’s a jamb?

Jambs are the wood trim around your door opening in front of your door.  Usually they are the 2×8 pieces of wood that goes above the door and down both sides, typically one piece per side.

Rotten Jambs

What are you looking for?  Check for splits in the wood, rotting at the bottom or any warping anywhere along the perimeter of the opening.  Also, make sure you don’t see sunlight coming through into the garage when the door is closed.  If your jambs are painted and there are “chipped” spots, water can seep in the wood and rot it.

A prime time to replace the jambs is during a new door install.  The jambs are accessed easily by our technicians as they remove your old door.  Installing new jambs along with a vinyl weather seal around the perimeter of the garage door will prevent critters, bugs, and leaves from getting in your garage too!

It’s important to keep jambs in good condition as they are a vital part of your homes’ construction.  Make sure that you select the right size!

After replacing the jambs, it is a good idea to have a professional garage door company to adjust the garage door and opener, as the framing will change slightly and can cause damage to the garage door and opener if not adjusted properly.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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