Top 3 Needs According to Our Customers

Garage Door Repair Checklist


There are reasons why we do things, all with a different level of importance.

When it comes to garage doors (and openers), importance varies as well. It’s crazy, I know, but here are the top three reasons based on level of importance:

3rd Place:  Buyer Appeal – when purchasing a home, buyers look at big exterior projects (new roof, windows and garage doors).

  • From the buyers’ perspective, they are often looking for both appeal and “how much $$ do I have to invest in a remodel”.


2nd Place: Resale Value – at the opposite end of the appeal spectrum is selling a home; replacing the garage door up’s the value.  (Note: 1st and 2nd place goes to new roof and new windows, respectfully.

  • Recovered Project Costs – Recouped dollars are impressive, coming in around 90.1%.  On an average, if you invest $2300 in a new garage door remodel, your recoup amount would be around $2000.


1st Place: Upgrading or, It’s Time For a Change39% of consumers choose upgrading and 17% are ready for a change (this may look like a low percent; however, the difference in percentage would fall under categories such as “damaged” and “dented”, or the ever-popular “my foot hit the accelerator and took out the door”!).

  • Better Function and Livability – The most important reason. Whether it is a “If I have to look at this door one day longer” to “If this doesn’t get fixed soon, my stress level is going to go through the roof”.
  • Accomplishment – This one is huge….. Homeowners, after replacing their door and openers, step back and feel a great sense of accomplishment. After all, it is a major project and you deserve to be proud.
  • You just changed the total look of your home – not only is it an investment with return, it’s a “face-lift” to your home.



Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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