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How to Replace Remote Batteries

Remote Batteries

Although it may seem an easy thing, changing the battery in your openers’ remote does take a little time and patience.  Choosing the right battery can be half the battle.

Most remotes have small screws on the back of the remote; however some remotes only require popping open. There is a small slot to work with on these types.

Opening Remote

After opening the remote, you’ll notice a small circuit board inside which hold the battery(ies). Some remotes require only one battery, however, others may require up to three.

Be careful while removing the batteries so the casing doesn’t become damaged. The batteries have their size number on top.  When buying, make sure you purchase the correct size.  There are roughly 15 different batteries associated with garage door remotes and garage door openers, so you might consider going to your local garage door retailer or a store that specializes in a wide range of batteries (See Image Below).


That’s it! Replace the batteries, put the remote back together…and you have lift-off!!! Your remote is good to go.  In most cases, the remote should remain coded and you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments to the garage door opener.

Plano Overhead Garage Door carries all necessary sizes batteries. Please visit our showroom anytime Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm or Saturday 9am-1pm. If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of changing the batteries, please call our showroom . We offer same day service and would be happy to assist you.


By Nick McGregor, General Manager of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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