American Flag, Golf, Football, and Hunting Printed Garage Doors. Who Knew??

So many times our lives are so busy, we just need a place to escape, even if it’s just right inside our home.  Garage space is most naturally used as storage for our cars, extra boxes, and miscellaneous items.  However; as the times are changing they are being used for entertainment, game room space and man caves galore.  So spice it up to meet your personality and enjoy an image that takes you away…..

accents-images-ad accents-images-styles

C.H.I., the manufacturer of the garage doors that Plano Overhead installs, notes that whether homeowners have a small outdoor escape or a generous workshop, multiple images are available to accentuate their lifestyle. Accents Images are available in four categories: Destinations, Patriotic, Patterns and Sportsman. “People are amazed at the quality and clarity of the images and how seamlessly the sections are pieced together,” stated Merle Miller, Marketing Specialist at C.H.I. The Destinations category includes images such as ocean, beach and mountain views. The Patriotic category includes the US and Canadian flags. The Patterns category includes images such as brushed and plated metal. Finally, the Sportsman category features images such as fishing, football and golf themes. The company notes that the beauty of Accents Images is how accurately they portray true-to-life colors, from bright blue skies to crystal clear waters. This option is available for interior applications on models 2216, 2283, 4216, 4283, 5216, 5283, 5916, 5983 and is available for interior/ exterior applications on models 2217 and 2284. GARAGE DOOR NEWS  (VOLUME 22 ISSUE; 7 JULY 2013)

The images are factory printed on the steel and coated in a durable and finished look.  No adhesives or questionable applications here, they stand behind their work!

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Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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