6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Garage Door Installer

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If you prefer to undertake home renovations on your own, a garage door installation isn’t one of those things you should try. Yes, you can watch a few DIY videos and get a few ideas on how to do it, but you should let pros handle the job for perfect and error-free installation.

Garage doors are bulky, and a slight rookie mistake can be dangerous. Discover some reasons why you should hire professionals to install your garage door.

1. Safety

3 Benefits of Replacing That Old Garage Door

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One place homeowners often overlook is the garage door. However, thanks to the size and location of garage doors, it’s important to keep them durable and looking great. If you would like to learn more, check out these three benefits of replacing that old garage door of yours with a new one.

1. It Will Boost Security and Safety

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage DoorYour garage door springs are important to the safety and overall function of the door. The springs help to support the weight of the garage door as the door opens and closes. The springs are also an important safeguard, helping to keep the door upright should it come off the tracks.

Garage door springs are important to your garage door system, yet many homeowners do not know much about them. Here is some information you should know about garage door springs.

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

4 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal With Your Garage Door

Curb Appeal — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage DoorYour curb appeal speaks a lot about your property; it’s your home’s first impression you give to your guests, your neighbors, and home buyers.

Your garage door can help increase the aesthetic look of your home and your landscape with a mere change in colors, materials, and design. Learn about four ways to improve your curb appeal using your garage door.

1. Paint a New Coat 

Services & Warranties to Consider From Garage Door Companies

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When you shop for a garage door, the door itself is one of the most important options, but where you buy the door from is important as well. Not every garage door company is the same, and as a consumer, you should be on the lookout for certain garage door services and warranties.

Follow this guide to learn what to look for in a reputable company and some key features to help make your decisions.

Garage Door Sample Software

The 411 on Common Garage Door Mishaps and Emergencies

Common Garage Door — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage DoorIf you use your garage door every day, you probably take its function for granted. But that might change if you encounter a problem with it, and chances are you will at some point. Learn about some common garage door emergencies and mishaps and what you should do about them.

Garage Door Won’t Open

A garage door that won’t open is one that could impact your schedule severely. Several different things might cause a garage door to not respond to commands to open. An expired battery in the opener, a power outage, and a disconnected trolley are all possible culprits. In many cases, you can open the door manually using the emergency pull or lift the garage door up from the outside once you disconnect it.

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Garage Needs

Right Garage Door — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage DoorWhile many people own a garage, not everyone uses theirs the same. Some people park in their garage, and others convert it into living space. For this reason, there is no perfect garage door. Instead, you’ll need to consider your personal needs and wants to find the perfect garage door solution for you. To learn more, keep reading.

High Security

A secure garage door is useful for a variety of reasons. For starters, you may store valuable items in the garage, such as yard equipment, and a secure door is better at keeping out potential burglars. Similarly, if you have an attached garage, a burglar could access your home via the garage, giving them access to everything you own and your family.

3 Garage Door Opening Systems for Your Home Upgrade

Garage Door Opening Systems — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage Door

If you want to improve your home’s exterior appearance, consider a new door for your garage. An upgrade for the old door to your garage improves curb appeal, enhances security, boosts the value of your home, and makes the garage areas safer. An entire door replacement is costly, but you can improve the appliance with an automated opener.

An automatic opener can make it safer and convenient to use the bulky door. The following are the door technologies you can choose for your garage door project.

1. Chain-Operated System

Common Problems Affecting Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Options — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage DoorA garage door opener is one of the essential parts of a garage door because, as the name implies, the openers help you open and close the garage door. Garage door openers can malfunction when you least expect it, which could mean that your car will be locked in or out of the garage.

Here are some common problems you could experience with your garage door opener.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Close All the Way

A garage door may fail to close due to several reasons. The first common cause is a malfunctioning close limit switch. When the garage door set-limit switch isn’t set properly, the door will not close all the way. This also causes the door opener to pull back up or reverse when you try to close it. To adjust the set-limit, the garage door professional will need to turn the screw feature on the motor to adjust how far the door will descend.

4 Garage Door Options to Consider

Garage Door Options — Plano, TX — Plano Overhead Garage DoorGarage doors are an important part of any home. Because of that, many homes have identical styles of door. If you want to make your home stand out, an uncommon garage door may be the best choice. If you would like to know more, check out these four garage door options to consider.

1. Contemporary Doors

One example of a contemporary door is sterling doors. They combine steel and glass to create a sleek appearance. From the outside they appear as if they are one continuous piece of glass, almost like a glass wall.

Other newer options include garage doors that are steel, but have realistic wooden features applied to them. This allows for unique colors and styles of wood such as driftwood to be applied without paying for custom or scarce wood.

Authentic wooden garage doors are making a comeback as well. With options from African Mahogany to Cedar, and endless staining options; wooden garage doors allow for endless possibilities.

Another trend includes hardware customization. Handles, knockers, clavos, and other decorative hardware help boost the appearance and give the garage door more depth.



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