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Garage Doors are Now #1 Value vs Cost Home Upgrade!


That’s right, move over kitchen upgrades!  Installing an upscale garage door now officially has the highest return on investment out of all home improvement projects!

Upscale garage door installations were found to recoup an unheard-of  98.3% of their investment according to a national study by Remodeling Magazine.  This is significantly higher than the 82.8% return on investment that a $20,000 kitchen remodel will get you, and an upscale garage door is only going to cost you 10% of what a new kitchen would cost.  An upscale garage door costs 74% less than the average exterior home renovation project.

Curb appeal is more important now than ever, and homeowners and neighborhood associations are taking notice.  Most Homeowners Associations now allow carriage house style garage door installations, and neighborhoods across Collin County are being built with the entire neighborhood having custom garage doors.  Even garages with alley or rear entry are included in these statistics, so it’s time to stop thinking that nobody cares about your garage door and give your neighbors something to talk about!

We offer a variety of wooden, carriage style, and glass options. Click Here to Learn More!

We are North Texas’ #1 Custom Garage Door Company and we’d love the opportunity to prove it to you!

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Company Bio Published in International Door & Operator!

The Chief Editor of International Door and Operator Industry Magazine (along with the International Door Association) came to visit a few months back to learn more about our company.  We had no idea it would turn into a 5 page company bio, but we are absolutely thrilled!!!  Thank you to Chris Long and their staff for taking time to learn more about us and share our story!

The Results Are In!

We want to say thank you to all of our customers who used our company in 2017!  Many of you took the time to vote for and review our company on various websites, and we’re proud to continue to live up to your expectations.  Let’s make 2018 just as great!

A 7 Year Old Warrior

This summer, seven-year-old Paetyn, received an extremely rare diagnosis of both AML and ALL leukemia. Putting her “chemo infused ninjas” to work, Paetyn began a battle that no child should ever have to fight… and SHE WON!

This month, Paetyn will undergo a stem cell transplant as part of her treatment plan. In a combined effort with Dance Company of Wylie (DCW), we helped create a number of activity boxes to help keep Paetyn busy during her extended hospital stay. Each of DCW’s competitive dance teams took on a theme and donated numerous games, puzzles, books, activities, etc. Plano Overhead then stepped in to purchase various sizes of storage totes to help keep Paetyn’s new activities organized in the hospital.

Knowing that Paetyn’s medical expenses and her parents’ time taken off work quickly causes bills to pile up, we also contributed a monetary donation to assist her family with their current needs.

Pictured with Paetyn is her friend, dance teammate and Plano Overhead family member, Audrey McGregor.

Please join us as we pray for Paetyn!


New Charities Added & Other Donations


We were able to purchase enough toys this year for 15 children in need of support!  Giving gifts is the reason for the season, especially to children who might not have gotten gifts otherwise!

Along with our ongoing side projects to support local organizations, we are thrilled to announce that we have added 4 organizations to our normal giving this year.  We have continued to be blessed, and we are extremely grateful to be in the position that we are!

Ongoing Charities

2017 Humanitarian Award Winner!

We are happy to announce that during the 2018 IDA Expo in Las Vegas, we will be presented with the 2017 Humanitarian Award!

One of our missions at Plano Overhead is to run an ethical business while being sure to give back to our community.  We regularly provide monetary donations to various charities, volunteer our time for those in need, and try to be good stewards in everything that we do.  Even during the Great Recession of 2008, when our company was in sizable debt, we gave what we could because we know that there’s more to business than just making money.  We are active within the churches we attend, and we like to be humble in everything that we do.

Click Here to learn about some of our past charitable community efforts!

Being a family owned and operated business in Plano for over 40 years, we have experienced hardships alongside our communities.  We started the company in our living room in 1977.  When we look back at where we came from, it’s humbling to see how far we’ve come and how many great things we have been able to do because of our success.  Here’s to another 40 years of charitable contributions and community service!

Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

The Professional Line - Garage Door Service and Repair in Plano, TX

Say Goodbye to Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

For a stretch in the 1980’s until the early 2000’s, screw-driven garage door openers were all the rage.  They were quieter than the old chain drive openers, and they looked a whole lot better as well.  The Liftmaster 2000SD and 2000SDR were two of the more popular garage door openers in the past few decades, but soon they will sail into the sunset.

So why get rid of such a great product?  The truth is that although they were wildly popular, quieter, had more security features, and had more compatible accessories; they were in fact more temperamental in extreme temperatures.  They also utilized a plastic coupler and many other plastic components that just didn’t hold up like everyone had hoped.  The screw drive openers allowed for a smoother and more controlled operation, but they needed lithium lubrication at least once a year in the winter time.  And let’s face it, for the most part homeowners ignore their garage door openers until they stop working.

The other main reason is that Liftmaster developed a belt driven garage door opener that was actually even quieter than the screw driven rail.  They put in a ultra quiet DC motor and utilized belts that are steel reinforced such as the ones you can find powering your engine components under the hood.  It took the general public several years to buy into the concept of having a belt lift their opener when they were used to watching a shiny steel screw rod spin around inside an aluminum rail that (even to this day) looked more durable than the new style.  The difference was undeniable and therefore the market adjusted.  The new belt driven garage door openers had a lifetime warranty on the belt and the motor, whereas most of the screw driven openers had a five year warranty on the same components.

There is no doubt that technology will continue to evolve, and the belt drive is likely not always going to be king.  The good news is that Liftmaster and other brands are still producing replacement parts for the old screw drive garage door openers, and customers that have had them installed recently can still expect them to hold up for another five to twenty years depending on how they are maintained.


Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

LED Bulbs and Garage Door Opener Interference

When your garage door opens by itself, or doesn’t close when you click your remote; it’s an uneasy feeling for sure!

LED lights can indeed interfere with garage door openers, but a majority of instances are when an improper bulb is located within the garage.  A list of recommended bulbs for Liftmaster Garage Door Openers can be found HERE.

Standard bulbs over 100W, CFL bulbs over 26W, and Halogen Bulbs can all cause interference.  It’s important to note that LED bulbs can cause interference with remote transmissions as you approach your garage as well, giving the illusion that something is wrong with the opener/motor in the garage when it may in fact be a coincidence that your garage door opener may have just started having issues soon after a neighbor put up their LED lights.  In other words, if you hit your remote button next to a house with a ton of LED lights, it may take a few times for it to register or it may not work at all because the stronger signal usually wins.

The easiest way to tell is to determine if the problem is happening only when you use your handheld remote control, or if it happens whenever you push the wall button inside the garage as well – since the wall button is hardwired to the opener and cannot be interfered with.

We give free estimates, and would be happy to come out and see if we can detect any interference near the garage.  Our senior techs carry Frequency Testers that detect interference.  They’re not perfect but they can often point to what might cause the issue.  Sometimes it turns out to just be a faulty circuit board within the opener-which we can determine by replacing the circuit board (as long as it’s newer than 1998) and seeing if that alleviates the problem.

If that doesn’t work, customers usually elect to install a new Liftmaster 8550W (our bestselling opener!), which operates on a level of Megahertz that is protected by the FCC to prevent any possible interference (it’s the same frequency that the government uses).  You can read more about it here:

Magnetic Hardware Options

Want to give your existing garage door an updated look for the holidays or a special occasion without the high price tag?  We can help!

We now supply magnetic hardware that can be installed in seconds and can be bought over the counter.  They are guaranteed to not fall off is held in place by the strongest magnets on earth. They hold 99% of their strength after 10 years.  Plus, you can take them with you when you move!

One set of hardware is made of 4 hinges and two handles, with the option to add more- including clavos, the Spanish word for “nail” or spike”.  Some customers choose to get two sets of magnetic hardware in order for their two car garage door to appear as if it were atually two barn style doors.

Magnetic Hardware


Call or stop by our showroom today for more details. 972-422-1695.


Submitted by Nick J. McGregor, CEO of Plano Overhead Garage Door

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